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Trump and Bush's "Funeral Reconciliation" Media laments the old president's good i

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The funeral of former US President George W. Bush was held at the National Cathedral in Washington on the 5th. This state funeral will become the first former presidential funeral of the United States after 2006. In the past few days, when the media paid close attention to the funeral of the old president, he also observed the attitude of the current President Trump. Trump and the Bush family have been engaged for a long time. He is also the best in the modern history of the United States. The national leader, public opinion, once worried that he would make another "amazing move." Surprisingly, Bush had a will to let Trump attend his funeral during his lifetime, and Trump also expressed a rare ritual for this national mourning. The gesture of throwing away political prejudice by both sides has been positively evaluated by the media, and there are also public opinions that the relevant arrangements can be described as "good intentions."

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CNN reported on the 4th that on the 3rd of this month, President Bush’s coffin was shipped from Texas to Washington, DC, and placed in the rotunda of the Capitol. The location of the Lingbi is open to the public, and people can come and hang before the formal funeral ceremony. On the evening of the 3rd, a small-scale ceremonial ceremonial ceremony was held at the Capitol. The attendees included US political and military officials. Vice President Peng Si expressed his condolences to the Bush family at the ceremony and spoke highly of the life of the deceased in his speech. He praised Bush for his effectiveness and never fulfilled his mission from beginning to end. However, Trang’s popular wife Melaniya was “slow late” on the night, and the two missed the welcoming ceremony. They simply paid tribute to the coffin and quickly left the scene.

The 5th funeral ceremony will be held at the National Cathedral in Washington. According to official arrangements, current President Trump, former President Barack Obama, Clinton and Carter will attend the ceremony. During the period, former US President George W. Bush, former Canadian Prime Minister Mulroney, who was in power with Bush, and former US Senator Alan Simpson and George Bush’s biographer Micham will make separate speeches. On the evening of the 5th, the old Bush’s coffin will be transported back to Houston, temporarily placed in the local St. Martin's Cathedral, waiting for the hometown of Texas to hold a second memorial service for him. Finally, Bush will be buried in a family cemetery at the Bush Presidential Library in the University City of Texas, and buried with the late wife Barbara.

A number of media in the United States have confirmed that Trump will not speak at the state funeral ceremony. "USA Today" said that this arrangement is not surprising, after all, the relationship between the Bush family and Trump has been arrogant since the last election. As a former party rival, Trump often criticized Jeb Bush, who once ridiculed his "shame for the family"; he also repeatedly attacked the Iraq war launched by Bush as "a disaster." He even said that "the most unnecessary thing for the country is another Bush." In the face of Trump's "malicious", the Bush family also repeatedly counterattacked. President Bush said before his death: "I hate this guy... He is a bragging king, arrogant." In the 2016 general election, Bush and the Bush did not vote for Trump, and Bush even directly The vote was voted for Hillary. Old Bush’s wife, Barbara, was particularly resentful of Trump. It was rumored that she had told her family before she died and did not want Trump to attend her funeral.

However, on the evening of November 30, after getting the scandal of Bush, Trump, who was attending the G20 summit in Argentina, canceled a press conference directly and said that it was "a tribute to the Bush family." He personally called Bush and Jeb Bush to express condolences to the brothers and praised Bush as a "very good person." On the early morning of December 1, Trump officially issued a message, praising Bush as "the founder of decades of American prosperity." Trump also designated the 5th of this month as the National Day of Mourning. All administrative departments and federal agencies were closed on the same day to jointly mourn the Bush. The White House also issued a presidential notice requesting all public places, military stations and overseas missions in the United States. The consulate will be halved in the next 30 days. Previously, in order to meet the soul of the deceased, Trump sent a presidential plane. In the opinion of the American public opinion, Trump has done a lot of courtesy to the old Bush than the Republican Grand Slam Kane, who passed away not long ago.

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There have been public opinion that the Bush family will still refuse Trump to attend this time. But in order to respect the wishes of the deceased, the Bush family expressed their willingness to cast aside prejudice and welcome Trump to the funeral. In the eyes of many media, this gesture is of great significance: the dispute between the White House and Congress on the 2019 budget has been heated up, and the government is on the verge of a halt; and the state funeral will at least delay this tension and make the government’s fierce The struggle for "temporary" into a temporary "revolution", showing the country's long-standing unity scene. Some media lamented that the old president was still "hearted in the country" until his death.