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5G folding screen Italians are too curious

  • Source:Global Times
  • Release on:2019-03-05
Huawei's 5G folding screen mobile phone HUAWEI Mate X released at the World Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona on February 24 made many Europeans tickle. On the morning of February 28, when the Global Times reporter walked into Huawei's first high-end experience store in Milan, Italy, the staff member Laura was taking care of the Italian designer Isabella Lazini. Storefront. Laura told reporters: "There are people coming to ask these days, people are too curious about what it is like."

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Similarly, international communications giants and major operators have long waited for the “gate” that 5G is about to open: on the “Bazhan Exhibition” where 2,400 companies are exhibiting, it is almost impossible to find a signboard without 5G. This, but also includes a number of Chinese manufacturers. With the glory of Huawei's 5G-related products, like this foldable mobile phone, European consumers have “folded” the definition of Chinese brand in mind with the definition of high-end goods. So much so that European ordinary people prefer to discuss magic-like screens and expensive prices compared to the tough 5G technology. Such topics seem to be more "irritating."

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European countries are actively studying the "5G road map" that suits their national conditions. In October 2018, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development announced the official end of the 5G spectrum auction, with a transaction volume of 6.55 billion euros, which is 4 billion euros higher than the initial set price. The German Federal Network Office (BNetzA) has already proposed to bidders the conditions that must be met to build a 5G network, such as covering at least 100% of the German federal states at least 100 megabits per second by the end of 2022, with a network delay of no more than 10 milliseconds, etc. .

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"I think Huawei is the first company that can make 5G the best. They have been innovating, so they will not fall behind on 5G." In the communication store of O2, a British operator in Düsseldorf, Germany, the clerk Bahar Eroger talked with the Global Times reporter about his views. She also said: "Most people don't know what the difference between these networks is, but some people will ask, why is my network so slow? I prefer to use mobile phones to send messages and family videos, so I am looking forward to using them. 5G, because the Internet is fast and high quality."