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Abe will fully support the reconstruction of Fukushima and intend to participate in the Olympic torc

He said that "the central government will give full support to the future of the region" and stressed that it will work hard to eliminate the negative impression of other countries on food produced in Fukushima.

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On the 14th, the opening ceremony of the new local government building was held in Takama-cho, Fukushima Prefecture, which was evacuated for about 8 years due to the Fukushima nuclear accident. At the beginning of the speech, the head of the town, Watanabe, announced that "we are back", saying that "the new building is the forefront of the recovery of the big bear town, and it is a symbol that we will realize the oath of reconstruction."

It is reported that the Abe government first lifted the evacuation instructions in parts of the Big Bear Town on April 10. The area of the dismantled area accounts for 40% of the area of the town. At the end of March, there were 138 residents, a total of 367 people, but fewer residents have returned home.

According to a report by the Kyodo News Agency on July 12, the adjustment meeting attended by the heads of Olympic preparatory organizations such as the Japan Olympic Organizing Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Japanese government agreed to the above plan. Japan’s revival, Yoshino Masahiro, welcomed this: “This will bring great encouragement to the reconstruction and truly become a symbol of the reconstruction of the Olympics.”

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In addition, there are plans to set the starting point for Okinawa Prefecture in the same way as the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. However, the organizing committee chose the reason for Fukushima Prefecture and listed the number of people who have been evacuated in the disaster area. The power to overcome difficulties and the unyielding spirit have been inherited by the torch relay throughout the country."

In the first three to three months of the transfer, we will strive to carry out in the warmer regions, and we will transfer from Fukushima Prefecture to the south of Honshu, from Osaka Prefecture to Shikoku, and from Ehime to Kyushu. Then, it goes south along the east side of Kyushu, and turns back in Okinawa Prefecture along the west side of Kyushu. After that, it goes north along the side of the Sea of Japan through the central region. Then proceed from Hokkaido, pass through Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture and later to Shizuoka Prefecture, and finally pass near Tokyo.

The specific delivery route will be decided by the governing committees of the prefectures and counties according to the schedule. The organizing committee summarized this and published it in the spring to summer of 2019 after being approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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According to the plan, the torch fire collected in Greece will be displayed as the “reconstruction fire” in the three counties of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima before delivery.

At the same time, in Fukushima Prefecture, which was designated as the starting point for the torch relay in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, on the 12th, there was a welcome call to "inject courage to local residents" and "hope to transfer the reconstruction of Fukushima to the world."