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All circles in Portugal highly value the results of Xi Jinping's state visit

2018-12-06 18:20:15 Xinhua News Agency

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Opening a new chapter in Portugal-China relations - All sides of Portugal highly value the results of President Xi Jinping's state visit

Xinhua News Agency, Lisbon, December 5th At the invitation of the President of the Portuguese Republic, De Souza, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Portugal from December 4th to 5th. All circles in Portugal believe that this visit will promote a new starting point for the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries and open a new chapter in bilateral relations.

During the visit, President Xi Jinping held talks with President De Souza and met with Speaker Rodriguez and Prime Minister Costa. The leaders of the two countries spoke highly of the continuous development of China-Portugal traditional friendly relations and exchanged views on bilateral relations, China-EU relations, and international and regional issues of common concern, and reached broad consensus.

The Portuguese "Public" Daily reported that during the visit, Portugal and China signed 17 bilateral cooperation documents covering the fields of electric vehicles, energy and finance. Prime Minister Costa said that this is the actual result of the deepening relations between the two countries.

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Portugal’s “News Daily” quoted President Rodriguez as saying that President Xi Jinping’s visit is the best witness to the friendship between the two governments and the people. 2018 is a historic year for bilateral relations between Portugal and China, and will be 2019. It is the anniversary of the relationship between the two parties. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Portugal and China in 1979, "dialogue, cooperation and efforts to serve the interests of the two peoples have never stopped." Rodriguez sincerely hopes that the deepening of relations between Portugal and China will bring more practical results and contribute to building a better world.

Portugal's "Express" quoted Lusa News Agency as saying that the Portuguese Communist Party highly praised President Xi Jinping's visit and wished the Portuguese-Chinese exchanges in the political, economic and cultural fields more in-depth.

In the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, the Portuguese ambassador to China, Duo Aijie, who attended the visit of President Xi Jinping, said that President Xi Jinping’s visit "has made a decisive contribution to the promotion of a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries to a new level in 2005." "As Prime Minister Costa concluded, this is a very important moment, because every step we take can be seen farther, and today we have taken several steps."

The Portuguese community is highly concerned that Portugal and China have decided to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two governments on jointly promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road” and will give positive comments.

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Paul Ferreira, president of the University of Aveiro in Portugal, believes that the “Belt and Road” initiative has the ability to bridge the gap between the people.

Louis Barreto, a professor at the University of Lisbon and director of the Macao Science and Culture Center, said that the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road will bring Portugal and China together.

Lisbon City Hall historian Ruy Lorido believes that participation in the “Belt and Road” will make “Portland a bridge between China and Europe and Portuguese-speaking countries”.

Cai Wenxian, president of the Portuguese Chinese Chamber of Commerce, believes that the overseas Chinese in Portugal will play a more active role in the "Belt and Road" cooperation between the two countries. At present, the fruitful cooperation between China and Portugal in various fields has yielded new achievements and brought new opportunities for the development of the vast number of overseas Chinese.

Miguel Maya, CEO of the Millennium Business Bank of Portugal, said that from an economic perspective, President Xi Jinping’s visit has strengthened the business and investment relations between the two countries and is of great significance to Portugal. During the visit, the two sides signed a number of cooperation documents, reflecting the success and importance of the visit.

Zillah, dean of the Confucius Institute at the University of Lisbon, said that President Xi Jinping emphasized his recognition of the past friendly relations between Portugal and China and expressed his strong will to work hard to build a better future for the two countries and the world. Further development brings new prospects. (Participating in reporters: Zheng Jianghua, Zhang Yadong, Wang Zichen)