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Amazon, Germany, two logistics center workers or strike again, demanding higher wages

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German trade union Verdi on Monday called on workers at two logistics centers in Amazon to strike to get better pay and working conditions.

Since 2013, Verdi has frequently organized strikes by Amazon workers in Germany, demanding that Amazon raise the wages of warehouse workers based on collective bargaining agreements between the German mail order and retail.

Amazon has repeatedly rejected Verdi's request because the company believes that the salaries of warehouse employees should not be aligned with retail employees, but should be consistent with competitors in the logistics field.

Germany is the second largest market for Amazon, second only to the United States.

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Last month, German and Spanish workers went on strike on "Black Friday." "Black Friday" is an important promotion at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, but Amazon said that the strike had no effect on customer orders.

On Monday, Verdi called on workers in a warehouse in Vail, west of the country, to strike until Tuesday. At the same time, Verdi said that in the Amazon warehouse in the eastern city of Leipzig, the protests should continue until Christmas.

Workers at other Amazon logistics centers may also take action.

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Verdi's representative, Thomas Schneider, said: "We have repeatedly given Amazon more time to respond to our requests." He claimed that Amazon's refusal to negotiate is a "provocation."

"They make a commitment to customers to deliver packages on time before Christmas Eve. We have to see if they can deliver on this promise," he said.