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At the Munich Security Conference, there are many differences. Foreign media: the expansion of the U

  • Source:zhongxin net
  • Release on :2019-02-18
BEIJING, Feb. 18, Comprehensive report that at this year's Munich Security Conference, the United States and Europe have serious differences on various issues. German Chancellor Merkel even criticized American isolationism in his speech, saying that the international order should not be easily broken. According to foreign media, this shows that there is a deep rift in the relationship between transatlantic partners.

At the three-day Munich Security Conference, which began on February 15, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders felt that the US President Trump’s decision was to be opposed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies. Frustrated.

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In a speech on the 16th, Merkel pointed out that the signs indicate that Washington is preparing to announce that the European import car is the "national security threat" of the United States. She said: "If German cars are seen as a threat to US national security, then we are really shocked."

She also criticized American isolationism, saying that the international order should not be easily broken. Merkel said, "We can't smash it. We must cooperate."

Data map: On February 15th, local time, the 55th Munich Security Conference opened in Munich, Germany. China News Service issued by MSC / Kuhlmann
She added: "To see the traditional order under great pressure, the question now is: Do we want to disintegrate into pieces of jigsaw puzzles, thinking that everyone can solve the problem effectively?" Merkel believes that the better way is to "set the way For others, I want to see if we can have a win-win solution."

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Merkel’s speech was warmly applauded by the leaders of many participating countries.

In addition, Trump announced that the US military will soon withdraw from Syria, and that US military allies have a headache on how to prevent further turmoil in the region.

French Foreign Minister Ledrien said he did not understand why the United States wanted to create such a "power vacuum." French government sources also criticized the Trump administration's withdrawal, which is equivalent to leaving the other people to clean up the mess.

Although since the convening of the Munich Security Conference last year, the US-European rift began to expand because the United States abandoned Russia’s "Guidelines on the Treaty" and withdrawed from the Iranian nuclear agreement. However, this year the United States still has a tough attitude and has imposed severe demands on many European countries. Suggest.

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US Vice President Burns came to power immediately after Merkel, and he strongly criticized the European Union’s position on Iran and Venezuela. Burns also insisted: "The priority of the United States never means that the United States will act arbitrarily."

However, unlike Merkel, Burns’s speech did not receive much applause.