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At the beginning of the new year, the Western world is a bit awkward

January 19, 2019 05:56 Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

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The world stumbled into 2019. People’s sincere hope for the renewal of Vientiane is still lingering in the heart. However, the beginning of the year has made everyone feel awkward.
The only superpower in the world today is plunging into a "big show" of self-directedness and self-explanation. For the US federal government to partially shut down, people have actually become eccentric. However, this record length and the constant tricks against both sides began to attract more and more attention.
In the mid-term elections, the Democrats who won the House of Representatives are gearing up to ambition. Trump, the president who dominates the Republican Party and targets the next presidential election, is sure to win the promise of the wall. Who is the first to win this match? No one dares to make judgments.

The once-in-a-lifetime empire is in ruins. These days, the photo of the British Prime Minister Teresa May with a tired waiting for the poll results covered the news booths of the UK's major websites and streets. The "Brexit" agreement reached by the Teresa May government and the European Union has been vetoed in Parliament. Then, Teresa May himself faced a no-confidence motion. Although she is in danger, her prospects for the "Brexit" in the UK are bleak. In the "Brilliance" of "Brexit", Teresa May gambled on his own political destiny, and the British people took on their own future. Today, the prime minister who came to power for "Brexit" ushered in "the darkest moment", and the tearing state of British society is even more alarming to the viewers.
For the EU, the UK “Brexit” is just one of the troubles. Both the refugee issue and the status of the two core powers of Germany and France have made the EU a thin ice. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has generally declined personal support and influence, has weathered 2019 and has been marked with a big question mark. In France, the “Yellow Vest” is still marching on the streets, and a national debate that will last for two months has begun. The purpose of the debate is clear: to converge the consensus of French society on advancing reform.
In 2019, the world is still in an era of "uncertainty." Nowadays, the keywords that flood the major media reports are mostly “tears” or “populists”. The most difficult thing to find is “consensus”.

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This kind of example can be easily picked up. The United States and Russia have not settled on the "Guidelines on the Guided Treaty". The United States recently stated that unless the Russian side produces evidence of its travel "Guide to the Central Treaty," the United States will withdraw from the treaty on February 2. The signing of the peace treaty between Japan and Russia is also suspended. When the Russian Foreign Minister and the Japanese foreign ministers talked, they pointed out that there are still major differences between the two sides. If Japan refuses to recognize Russia’s sovereignty over the South Kuril Islands (called the four northern islands), it is difficult. I hope that the peace talks will make any progress.
Even the old Western allies are no longer happy to get along. The US "New York Times" recently broke the news that US President Trump had privately proposed in 2018 that the United States withdraw from NATO. This year, NATO will celebrate its 70th anniversary. However, because of differences among countries, NATO had to extend the summit until the end of this year, and the location avoided Washington.
In 2019, it is not destined to go smoothly. The only certainty in this era is uncertainty. However, as the Pandora's Box in Greek mythology is metaphorical, there are thousands of evils in the world, and there are always valuable hopes in people's hearts.

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This era is extremely uncertain, and people's longing for a better life is as always. People living on this blue planet are becoming more and more aware of the wisdom and vision contained in the "community of human destiny." The world is entering a new era of change, everyone is a stakeholder. Only by hand, can it lead to a brighter future in people's minds.