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Attempts to kidnap a woman all the way to chase the karate hall

Attempts to kidnap a woman all the way to chase the karate hall. The man was finally carried out by a stretcher.

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BEIJING, January 7 (Xinhua) According to US media reports, North Carolina, North Carolina, USA, a case of attempted abduction. A man tried to force a woman into a car and kidnapped. The woman broke free and ran into a nearby karate hall for help.
Then the man made a very sloppy decision and he ran in. As a result, the man was lifted out on a stretcher after a move with the karate coach.
Ephraim, the coach of Shu Yi’s shot, said that when a woman rushed in and said that someone wanted to hurt her, then a tall man followed him. He thought that the man was coming to consult the course without knowing the situation. .
"I asked him what he could do for him. He said it was for the lady. She insisted that she didn't know him and said he wanted to kidnap her," Ephraim said.

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So Ephraim asked the man to leave, but the man said, "Where not go." "He tried to force himself into the dojo, which is very aggressive," Ephraim said.

"I placed a self-defense posture and let him leave the dojo. But as soon as he went out, he tried to attack me, so I was repaired."

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The suspect also tried to attack the police before being arrested. He was taken to hospital for his injuries. But it is not clear how his injury is.