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Australia prohibits domestic violence from entering foreign countries. Critics believe that it may c

  • Source:Global Times
  • Release on :2019-03-04
The British "Daily Telegraph" reported on the 3rd that the Australian government announced "zero tolerance" for foreigners with a family history of domestic violence. The Australian Immigration Minister said on the same day that the Australian government will take measures to expel foreigners convicted of domestic violence or prohibit them from entering the country. The government’s decision has been supported by mainstream public opinion, but there are also criticisms that this legal measure May be abused and become a tool for exclusion policies.

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The Daily Telegraph said that Australian Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs David Coleman said on the 3rd that a law came into force in Australia on the 28th of last month. Foreigners who have been convicted of violence by children will be deported or refused entry. According to Australian law, if a foreigner holding an Australian tourist visa is sentenced to 12 months or more in prison

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his visa will be revoked. Coleman stressed that those with domestic violence crimes are not subject to the “minimum threshold” of 12 months imprisonment. In other words, foreigners who have been convicted of domestic violence, regardless of whether they have been imprisoned or not, will be revoked. Upon entry, those who have entered the country will be deported. The British "Daily Mail" said that in the face of foreign immigration and passenger waves, the Australian government is increasingly strengthening the review of foreigners' background. Earlier, the Australian immigration authorities refused to issue visas to US rapper Chris Brown and boxing star Floyd Mayweather on the grounds that they all had a "case" of domestic violence.

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Last year, the Australian immigration authorities revoked more than 900 visas. These foreigners were found to have criminal offences such as drug trafficking, sexual assault, and robbery. The new measures of the Australian government have been recognized by some people. Many people said that considering Australia’s social order has deteriorated in recent years and crimes have increased, foreigners entering the country should be “strictly investigated” to avoid creating new chaos. However, it has also been said that given the differences in laws in different countries, immigration authorities may manipulate the review process to further “reject foreigners”, “this is contrary to the multicultural spirit of Australia”.