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Become a tree after death? US Senator pushes "human fertilizer" bill

January 07, 2019 10:20 Source: China News Network

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BEIJING, Jan. 7 (Reporter), recently, Washington State Senator Jamie Pedersen submitted a draft law to allow "human fertilizer" as one of the burial options after death. In this way, those who choose this way of burial can be “integrated” with trees or other plants.
According to reports, if the bill is successfully passed, Washington State will become the first region in the United States to allow "human fertilizer" to be buried.

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Pedersen said: "Many people in Washington State wrote to me that they were very excited about the idea of ​​becoming a tree or becoming a different form."
According to reports, this practice refers to placing the body in special equipment, which will accelerate the decomposition of the body into the nutrient soil. The body will then be handed over to the relatives.
The program's lead researcher, Lin Carpenter Boggs, confirmed that this method is safe, but not for everyone, because some pathogens can cause anthrax.
He also said that in order to ensure the safety of this method of burial, it is necessary to remove certain diseases in the body of the person concerned.

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According to the plan, the results of this study will be announced in 2019.
In addition, it is reported that the cost of this form of burial is $5,500. According to the 2017 National Funeral Home Association, traditionally, funeral expenses in the United States exceed $7,000.