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Beware of pollution in the food industry! Report: 5 million deaths per year

January 25, 2019 10:17 Source: China News Net

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BEIJING, Jan. 25, according to a report by Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, a report released on the 24th pointed out that by 2050, pesticide residues, antibiotic resistance and air and water pollution caused by the food production industry will be It could kill 5 million people, which is four times the number of deaths from traffic accidents worldwide each year.
According to reports, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which published the report at the World Economic Forum, pointed out that to prevent such things from happening, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly methods to produce food, reduce waste, and transform the food production industry into so-called "Circular economy" mode.

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This model advocates the full use of raw materials from food production and by-products generated in the process to minimize waste.
According to the report, cities in various countries must find food that can be produced locally, which must be produced in such a way as to regenerate the ecosystem and distribute surplus food to unaffordables. By-products are converted into new products such as fertilizer, animal feed or bioenergy. Raw materials.
The report points out that the benefits of doing so for the global economy can reach $2.7 trillion annually. On the contrary, the “extraction, waste and pollution nature” of the existing food production methods bring the cost of society to 5.7 trillion US dollars per year.
One of the main authors of the report, Clementine Schouteden, said: “What you eat is important, but how to produce the food you eat is also important. You may eat very healthy, but because of the way food is produced Negative impact."

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According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, one-third of the world's annual food production is equivalent to nearly $1 trillion in food wasted. At the same time, there are still 821 million people in the world who are hungry.