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Bill Gates collaborates with China on nuclear energy projects failed

Recently, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in the 2018 year-end summary that due to the US Department of Energy's "United States-China Civil Nuclear Energy Project Cooperation Policy Framework" promulgated on October 11, 2018, it was gradually implemented in 2019. His founder, the US nuclear technology company, TerraPower, could not continue to cooperate with China's China Nuclear Group on the fourth-generation nuclear power reactor technology; this made him feel a little disappointed.

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Bill Gates pointed out in the year-end summary that nuclear energy is the ideal energy source for global climate change, and in the past 50 years, the United States has gradually lost its position as a "global nuclear energy leader."

He claimed that more public voices will be made in 2019, hoping to make the United States "return to the heart" and participate in the international leading nuclear energy research.

At the same time, Gates said that if the United States can make changes in the field of nuclear energy related regulation, Terra Energy may develop a wave reactor in the United States.

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On January 1st, the relevant US media got the exact news from the new president of Tara Energy, Riviskna. Tara Energy is undergoing restructuring and seeking new partners.

The US media pointed out that the United States Department of Energy's "United States-China Civil Nuclear Energy Project Cooperation Policy Framework" promulgated in 2018 is a "nuclear power ban" that is completely aimed at China, mainly focusing on technology, equipment and materials, especially "Hualong No. 1 and other domestic nuclear power technology equipment that will directly compete with the US economy, "blocking" is the most powerful.

At the same time, the US Department of Energy also pointed out in a certificate that the United States issued this policy to prevent US nuclear technology from being used in China for "military" and "nuclear proliferation."

In this regard, Tara Energy President Riveske said that due to the US's restrictions on nuclear energy project regulatory policies and the company's "limited funds", Tara Energy had to find new partners abroad; because nuclear energy projects were developed casually.

A reactor sample would cost $1 billion. Although Terra Energy can seek new partners from the “local tyrants” such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, China’s status is difficult to replace.

After all, in the development of global nuclear projects, only China has not interrupted the construction of nuclear power in the past ten years, and its scale has gradually developed.

The installed capacity has risen to the third place in the world, after the United States and France. In addition, China's determination to clean energy like nuclear energy and its huge market are unmatched by other countries.

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It is reported that since Bill Gates founded Tara Energy in 2006, the company has been studying the traveling wave.

On September 22, 2015, under the guidance and support of the Chinese and US governments, CNNC and Terra Energy signed a cooperation document on the wave.

In September 2017, the two parties each invested 50% to jointly establish a joint venture company, Global Innovation Nuclear Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Today, the two companies have to part ways because of changes in US nuclear power policy toward China.

The traveling wave reactor is a metal fuel sodium cooled fast reactor that meets the requirements of four generations of nuclear energy technology and safety standards.

It adopts uranium-zirconium alloy fuel, has a long refueling period and can use depleted uranium in large quantities.

The design value of unit availability is higher than 90%, which has the advantages of efficient utilization of uranium resources and reduction of spent fuel discharge.

Then, will the "chains" of Terra Energy have an impact on the development of China's nuclear energy?

Yu Jianfeng, chairman of China National Nuclear Corporation, once said that CNNC has always insisted on introducing a development strategy combining advanced technology and independent innovation.

The United States has few products in the Sino-China Hualong reactor supply chain. Even if it is, it can be replaced by international procurement.

If the replacement is also blocked, the nuclear can also be manufactured by itself. I have to admit that the United States, as the most advanced country in the world's nuclear energy technology, will have a certain impact on China's nuclear energy development, but one thing is certain: China's nuclear power development, there is no card neck.