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Brazil’s new president officially took office

Brazil’s new president officially took office
January 02, 2019 09:18:56
Source: CCTV News Mobile Network

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On January 1st, local time, the new Brazilian President Bossonalo held his inauguration ceremony and officially began a four-year presidency.

Bosonalo said in his speech that corruption, privilege and party power will become history, and promise to form an honest and efficient government, increase investment education, improve law and order, put the interests of the people first, and let Brazil Get the status it deserves in the international community. According to estimates by relevant Brazilian government departments, more than 100,000 people attended the ceremony on the same day, although lower than previously expected, but higher than the number of people attending the previous presidential ceremony. According to previous Brazilian media reports, the public's focus on the new government policy is mainly concentrated in the fields of public security, medical care, and the economy. About 65% of the respondents have positive expectations for the Bossonalo government, which is a slight decline compared to the previous presidents.

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On the day of Bossonalo’s appointment, the Brazilian capital adopted the security measures that the media referred to as “the most stringent in Brasilia’s history”.

In addition to the martial law on the main roads, according to local media reports, tens of thousands of military and police, coalition police, firefighters, air, land and air forces are deployed in important locations in the city. The ceremony held regional deployment of anti-aircraft missiles, and military snipers monitored the situation at any important heights. In addition, some security personnel are deployed to celebrate the crowd to respond to emergencies.

There are also strict restrictions on the items that can be carried by the masses. Some hotels in Brasilia distribute flyers to residents, suggesting that it is forbidden to carry school bags, masks, flammable materials, etc. Even umbrellas and strollers are not allowed to carry. There are also a large number of open-air broadcast notifications at the ceremony.

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Bosonalo was assassinated in the election. In addition, explosives were placed in a religious site in Brasilia recently, and some organizations claimed responsibility. A series of factors led to a significant increase in security specifications on the day the president took office. (CCTV reporter Yin Yue)