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Brexit is approaching, the British are busy going to Ireland to have a passport

Brexit is approaching, the British are busy going to Ireland to have a passport
January 01, 2019 14:08:08
[Text / Observer Network Wang Hui]

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The Brexit process continues, and the British, who do not want to lose their EU citizenship, have taken action and have traveled to neighbouring Ireland to apply for a passport. In 2018, the number of British citizens applying for Irish passports surged.

According to the Irish Times reported on December 31, 2018, Brexit made Ireland's passport service a record for the country, and more than 190,000 British citizens applied for an Irish passport in 2018. Among them, 98,544 passport applications from England, Scotland and Wales increased by 22% compared with 2017, accounting for 12% of Ireland's 2018 passport applications; and 84,855 passport applications from Northern Ireland residents, an increase of 2%.

In the whole year of 2018, Ireland issued a total of 822,581 passports. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said that since the Brexit referendum in June 2016, the number of passport applicants in Ireland has increased and is expected to surge in 2019. Therefore, Irish passport service agencies need to recruit more staff.

The Guardian said that since the Brexit, the number of British citizens who applied for Irish passports has more than doubled. Many British citizens want to retain EU citizenship by holding passports from neighboring countries.

Under Irish law, Ireland allows citizens to maintain dual citizenship. Anyone born in Ireland, Northern Ireland, or a parent or grandparent who is an Irish citizen is eligible to apply for an Irish passport. According to official statistics, approximately 6 million British citizens are eligible to apply for an Irish passport.

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There are only more than 100 days left until the official departure of the UK on March 29, 2019. Whether the draft of the Brexit agreement can be approved by the British Parliament still has many uncertainties. At the time when "Brexit" is about to enter the countdown to the 100-day countdown, the British society has different opinions on issues such as "de-Europe" and the second referendum. The "Brexit" process was once deadlocked.

British Prime Minister Theresa Mayer announced on December 17, 2018 that the "Brexit" agreement scheduled to be held on December 11th was postponed until the week beginning on January 14 this year. After the news was released, the pound fell to its lowest point in 18 months.

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The New York Times analysis said that the move made the Brexit process into chaos, and it also highlighted that Teresa May is very vulnerable to power control. It has been reported that Teresa May may be forced to resign if the Brexit agreement fails. Earlier on December 10, the European Court of Justice of the European Supreme Court had just ruled that Britain could unilaterally withdraw the Brexit decision without the consent of the other 27 EU member states.