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Britain delays application for Brexit

The British government officially submitted a request to the European Union on Wednesday (20th) to extend the Brexit date to June 30th.

Teresa May said that as the British Prime Minister, she will not postpone the Brexit date and ask the parliament to prepare another vote for the Brexit agreement.

However, according to the current situation, it is unlikely that the British Parliament will approve any version of the Brexit agreement.

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The reason is not complicated: between the two major parties in the British Parliament and even within the party, it is more like taking the issue of Brexit as a political weapon of its own. Opposition Labor Party leader Corbin has no objection to Brexit, but he continues to use this as a topic to promote the no-trust case against Teresa May.

The purpose is one: stare at the position of the prime minister. Even within the Conservative Party, there are many people who intend to use the support for the Teresa May version of the Brexit agreement in exchange for her early transfer of power.

As for the local political parties - the Northern Ireland Unified Democratic Party and the Scottish National Party have their own ideas: one is afraid of being split and one wants to split.

In fact, since the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union with the "referendum" model, the entire British society is constantly entangled in whether it should be Brexit? Is it "hard off" or "soft off"?

Although the referendum has not been as bad as the ones predicted in the past two years, it is largely due to the fact that many companies have expectations for the UK's “soft Brexit”.

Once the UK really has no agreement to leave the European Union, will this be the case? In November last year, the Bank of England an assessment report warned that if the UK “hard Brexit”, GDP would shrink by 8%, the pound exchange rate fell by 25%, and real estate prices fell by 30%.

At present, the British political circles cannot reach a consensus on the issue of Brexit in the short term, and only delay and delay. However, this delay has a price. Just as the ship sailing on the ocean is not sure about its direction, the uncertain future is hitting British business investment and causing consumer confidence to fall to its lowest level since 2013.

Well-known economic research institutions such as JP Morgan Chase and Bloomberg Economic Research believe that if the UK can "Brexit" on time and in agreement, the UK economy will grow by 1.7% this year; if the "Brexit" period is postponed for three months, growth The rate may fall to 1.5%; if it is delayed for six months, it will drop to only 1.3%.

If the British parliament continues to quarrel and the agreement cannot be approved by the time limit for this request, then the United Kingdom will not escape the result of "hard Brexit".

Why is such a major event going to be a "protracted war" in the UK? On the surface, this is because different groups in the British society feel different about the interests of Brexit or not, and the compromise cannot be reached, but the root of the problem is buried in the UK. The deeper layers of the political system.

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In the past 100 years, because Western civilization has fully exerted human creativity, the "American and British democratic system" has been highly praised by many Western political scientists.

With the advent of the new technological revolution and the wave of globalization, many developing countries have become “emerging market countries”, and the relative competitiveness of Western countries has begun to decline: they originally used the control of the international economy and extracted excess from the world.

After the profit was distributed twice in the country to ease social contradictions, problems gradually appeared, leading to serious divisions in the country.

Some Western political systems are the product of their rising period, and these systems do not work in dealing with the historical recession.

The democratic system of the United States and Britain cannot integrate the opinions of the public well.

Instead, it will enable the political elites to use this system to seek private benefits, so that the means of easing social contradictions in the country are constantly restricted, and the possibility of reaching a "consensus" is diminishing.

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Originally, "Brexit" was only the opinion of some people in the British Conservative Party, but the then Prime Minister Cameron used the "referendum" that seemed to reflect the public's will to achieve this goal in order to block these people's mouths.

As a result, as soon as the box was opened, it gave the "Brexit" party an opportunity to sell anxiety to the British public, making "Brexit" out of control. But whether it is "hard off" or "soft off", politically speaking, the United Kingdom must "leave the EU".

Otherwise, the outcome of the referendum is contrary to the political reality. It can only show that the existing political rules are actually a scam. There is no way to express true public opinion.

This statement is now becoming a trend in the West. Whether it is the "anti-political correctness" of the US presidential election or the "yellow vest" on the streets of France, it shows that more and more people in the Western society believe that the current system is created by elites to fool them, and their votes are actually "Stolen", then, their inevitable choice is "do not play", and seek a new set of rules.

At present, the British Labor Party is trying to overthrow the decision to leave the European Union with a referendum, which is essentially a negation of existing political rules.

A referendum has a result. Dissatisfied people can ask for another one. If the result turns over, who can’t ask for a new one, can’t ask for another one? Repeatedly and endlessly cycle.