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Britain plans to send 14 officers to the government to deal with the unsuccessful situation of Brexi

January 14, 2019 09:16 Source: China News Network

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BEIJING, January 14 (Xinhua) -- According to foreign media reports on the 14th, the British Ministry of Defense may deal with chaos in the border in response to the non-agreement of Brexit. It plans to send 14 military personnel to the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cabinet. An important government department responsible for responding to emergencies.

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According to reports, a military planner will be stationed in the British Ministry of Transport. The Ministry of Transport sent 89 trucks to Dover Port to simulate the road to the port. Can you cope with the traffic flow after the non-agreement This move has been criticized as "unrealistic and wasteful of money."
Border law enforcement forces attached to the Ministry of the Interior are expected to face major challenges in controlling the entry and exit of goods and personnel, so four military planners will be stationed to assist them.
According to the report, if the UK has no agreement to leave the EU, the EU will impose huge tariffs on imported British goods. Many goods in the UK may be stranded in the territory because they cannot be exported, including sheep, or the supply of sheep in the UK is too large, resulting in large prices. Falling, seriously hitting the shepherd industry. Earlier, it was reported that the British Ministry of the Environment was stabilizing sheep prices and plans to slaughter 1/3 of the country's sheep by then, but the Ministry of Environment spokesman denied the rumor.

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In addition, when the food manufacturing and textile industries export goods to the EU, they also face huge tariffs. Many British companies are prepared to spend an additional tens of millions of pounds a year to pay for increased tariffs and administrative costs.
Stewart, head of the Brexit accounting firm, said that the prospect of Brexit is worrying and that companies should review project contracts, supply chains and manpower arrangements to deal with non-agreement.