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British Prime Minister Spokesperson: The British government has begun to deal with the non-agreement

2018-12-18 09:34:26 Source: China News Network (Beijing) Report

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BEIJING, Dec. 18, according to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 17th, the British Prime Minister spokesman said that although the date of the parliamentary vote on the Brexit agreement has not yet been determined, the British government has begun to prepare for the non-agreement to withdraw from the EU, but At the same time, the probability of this happening is very low.

The British Parliament was scheduled to hold a vote on the issue of the Brexit Agreement on the evening of the 11th. However, British Prime Minister Teresa May issued a statement after a three-day debate, acknowledging that the overwhelming majority of members did not support the current text of the agreement and therefore decided to postpone the vote. This also caused the Conservative Party members to vote against her.

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After the "forced palace" crisis, Teresa May flew to Brussels to try to revise the disputed part of the EU's agreement on the Brexit agreement, but the EU side expressed its reluctance to restart the Brexit negotiations.

Theresa May said on the 17th that the vote will be held in the week of January 14, 2019. However, the exact date is not known.

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The spokesperson said: "Yes, we will withdraw from the EU on March 29, 2019. Theresa is preparing to deal with the non-agreement of Brexit, but at the same time the government is still making an agreement."

In addition, he also said that the government will announce an additional £2 billion in the future to deal with the non-agreement of Brexit.