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British media: The United States is afraid of excessive China will not exceed the United States for

  • Author:Global Times
  • Release on :2019-02-22
The British "Financial Times" February 19 article, the original title: China will not exceed the United States for a moment, there is a deeper problem behind the trade war between President Trump and China. Many in Washington fear that the rise of China will lead to the end of the American era. This fear is excessive and it can become a cause of conflict.

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Economic power is not the only measure of geopolitical importance. China lags behind the United States in terms of military strength and soft power. US military spending is three times that of China. Although China’s military strength has increased in recent years, analysts who closely monitor military balance believe that China cannot afford to exclude the United States from the western Pacific.

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Another overreaction is that China will not contribute to the international order it has not participated in as its national strength grows. The Trump administration therefore labeled China as a “revisionist country”. But this view exaggerates the problem of "not creating me." China has benefited from the international order since 1945 and has made many contributions to this order. China is now the second largest contributor to UN peacekeepers, and China is actively involved in UN initiatives related to the Ebola epidemic and climate change. At the same time, China has greatly benefited from economic organizations such as the World Trade Organization.

In general, the behavior from China does not seem to mean trying to overthrow the world order in which it benefits. Instead, China is only seeking to expand its influence in the order of the world. Of course, this situation may change as China's national strength grows. In other words, for China to manipulate the trading system and enforce the transfer of intellectual property rights, it is necessary to take countermeasures, but excessive fear will hurt itself.

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However, the growth of China's national strength means that the American-style free world order will inevitably change. To this end, the author makes the following recommendations. First, it is wise to abandon the notions of "freedom" and "Americanism" and replace them with an "open international and rule-based international order." China may not replace the United States now, but as China, India and other economies continue to grow, the United States will inevitably shrink its share of the world economy. In addition, the leadership role of the United States is important, but the resolution of transnational issues depends on cooperation. It is obviously not enough from the perspective of the United States to exercise power over other countries. We must start thinking from the perspective of using power to achieve common goals, which means sharing power.