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Call Trump! "Female Obama" announced the election of the US president

January 22, 2019 09:54 Source: China News Net

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BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Reuters) - California Senator Kamala Harris announced on the 21st that he will launch a campaign to compete for the White House in 2020. Harris bluntly criticized the current presidential Trump’s immigration policy and was the Democratic Party’s “star of tomorrow”. Because of the diversity of her family background, she is also known as the "female version of Obama."

Democratic Republican Senator Kamala Harris officially announced his participation in the 2020 presidential election on January 21.

According to reports, the 54-year-old Harris's father is a black Jamaican and his mother is an Indian. Her background is similar to that of the Democratic Party, which attracts more and more young people, women and ethnic minorities, and has become a Democratic candidate.
If elected, Harris will become the first African-American woman president in American history. At the same time, she will also be the first American leader with Asian descent. Also because of this family background, she was called by some supporters as "female version Obama."

While announcing the candidacy, Harris also published a campaign advertisement. She said in the campaign film: "We will come together. Let us work together to grasp the future. For ourselves, for children, for the country."
Harris announced his candidacy on the day of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Her assistant said that the reason why he chose this day is to remember that progress has been made through a series of sacrifices and struggles.

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[Challenge Trump: Against the "Bone and Meat Separation" Policy]
Born in California in 1964, Harris graduated from Howard University and the University of California Hastings School of Law.
In 2010, she was elected as the Attorney General of California and became the first female attorney general in the state's history. Re-elected in 2014, and elected to the California Senate in 2016, became the second African-American female senator in the US Senate.

Harris was welcomed by liberals for questioning Trump-nominated candidates and Trump government officials, such as Justice Nominee Cavano and former Attorney General Sessions.
At the same time, she is also very concerned about the issue of immigration, and has previously strongly opposed the Trump administration's "bone and meat separation" policy.

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Harris’ campaign eunuch will focus on providing middle class tax credits to reduce high living expenses and promote changes to immigration and criminal justice systems, as well as the establishment of a universal health insurance system. She said she would reject the donation from the Corporate Political Action Committee.