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China Warns US: Countermeasures would follow

  • Author:China Daily
  • Source:2/Aug/2018
  • Release on :2018-08-02
China Warns US: Countermeasures would follow
Reported by: ZHONG NAN, JING SHUIYU & REN XIAOJIN/ China Daily
Updated on: 2/Aug/2018

China will inevitably take countermeasures if the United States further hinders bilateral trade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wed. In response to Western news reports saying that Washiington would more than double a set of earlier proposed levies on Chinese goods.

The reports say a 25 percent tariff - instead of the original 10 percent - would be proposed on $200 billion of Chinese goods by the administration of US President Donald Trump.  Reports cited unnamed sources familar with the plan, which could be annoiunced as early as Wednesday in Washionton.

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US pressure and blackmail on trade wont work.  If the US takes further steps on escalate trade frictions, China(OEM headphones supplier china) will inevitably come up with countermeasures to resolutely protect in legtimate rights, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a news conference.

Geng said China had “always upheld using dislogue and consultations to handle trade frictions”, but talks must be based on qeuality and mutual respect.