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Chinese Embassy responds to the hijacking of Peruvian tourists in Peru

  • Source:World Wide Web
  • Release on :2019-03-01
According to the British "Daily Express" quoted local media in Peru, on the evening of the 19th local time, a luxury hotel in the Madre de Dios area of ​​eastern Peru was robbed by a group of Venezuelan and Colombia robbers, 40 from China. Abandoned with tourists from the United States, two people were killed in the incident. The information that the editorial department of the World Wide Web received from the Chinese Embassy in Peru was that the embassy was urgently verifying whether hijacking occurred. The information provided by the relevant local authorities in Peru was that there was a robbery attack on the hotel. At that time, 33 Chinese tourists were present. Hotel stay, currently these 33 Chinese are safe.

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The British "Express" said that the hotel name is Inkaterra, located in the remote areas of Amazon. After the incident, the chief of the Madre de Dios area, Luis Hidalgo Okimu, confirmed that the kidnapping occurred at around 9:00 pm local time on the 19th. He also said that the situation is "worrying." The newspaper also quoted Peruvian local media "Republic of the Republic" as saying that one of the victims was named Leon Humani. For his misfortune, Okimula said: "We regret his death because he is a very popular and well-known figure in the region."

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On the same day, according to a number of Peruvian media quoted the Ministry of Internal Affairs as saying that a group of criminals broke into a hotel in the Amazon area on Tuesday night and kidnapped 40 tourists of Chinese and American nationality. According to the Peruvian Ministry of the Interior, the country’s national police have stepped up their actions to arrest this criminal gang, which may be composed of foreign criminals. According to a Chinese who has lived in Peru for a long time, the incident area is close to the Amazon forest area and is far from the capital city of Lima. The local area was originally an area where terrorists often haunted. Recently, there have been more immigrants in Venezuela in Peru, and some Colombian criminals are also active in the area.

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As of the time of publication, Global Times Global Network reporter Chen Yu received information from the Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy in the protection of the telephone. Chinese tourists are not life-threatening. A Chinese tourist has lost this passport. The details of the incident are still being confirmed. Officials will be released as soon as possible. Message.