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Chinese learning is getting popular: UAE is hiring 200 Chinese teachers

Many tourist attractions in Egypt have been accustomed to the local traders saying "hello" in Chinese, which makes the "Global Times" reporters somewhat uncomfortable when interviewing Saudi Arabia several times, because there are few locals who say hello.

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Similarly, some think tanks in Egypt can meet Chinese scholars or teachers, but it is difficult to meet in Saudi Arabia. When a reporter went to an interview with a famous research center in Saudi Arabia, he found that no one speaks Chinese, and the working language is only Arabic and English. But as the Saudi government recently announced that it will open Chinese language teaching at all stages of education, this situation may change soon.

The UAE Ministry of Education recently announced the announcement of the hiring of Chinese teachers, which attracted the attention of the Arab media and was interpreted as “closer embrace of Chinese” and “a more solid step in Chinese education”.

On the occasion of the end of the visit of Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia announced on the 23rd that it will include Chinese in all the education stages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to make the country more diverse in education. The Saudi media believes that this move is aimed at implementing the results of the Crown Prince’s visit to China and strengthening the relationship between Saudi Arabia and China.

According to the recruitment notice published on the website of the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates, the Ministry of Education plans to open Chinese courses in 200 public primary and secondary schools nationwide, so it is urgent to recruit 200 “high-quality Chinese teachers”. The Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban China assisted the Arab side in recruiting Chinese-speaking Chinese teachers in China with a monthly salary of 16,000 dirhams (about 30,000 yuan).

The "Arab News Network" commented on the 14th that "the announcement of the Zhaoxian list marks a more solid step in the teaching of Chinese in the UAE, indicating that it intends to embrace Chinese more closely."

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The UAE mainstream media "Declaration" said that the move "strategic" is a correct and sensible move. Chinese is "an important carrier of knowledge and wisdom", China's national strength continues to increase, and China's soft power continues to improve. Factors have made the value of Chinese upgrade, and Chinese has become the "time language" that more and more people in the world learn.

In a recent interview with the Global Times, the U.S. President of the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates said that the Chinese education in the UAE has flourished, especially after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the UAE in July last year.

"Shift speed increase." Beta Abe said that at the moment, the "Chinese fever" marked by learning Chinese is in full swing in the UAE. It is gratifying that Chinese has gone hand in hand with English and even Mandarin, which has never been seen in history. "The UAE will become a pioneer in Chinese teaching in the Middle East." Beta Aber told the Global Times reporter.

The head of the Hamdan Bin Zaid School in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, said that there are 763 UAE national students in their school. Right now, students learn three languages​from kindergarten. , in Arabic, English and Chinese. "Learning Chinese can not only make our students understand the long history of China, the splendid Chinese culture, but also the future of Chinese, we can't fall behind."

The Saudi "Okaz" newspaper said that Saudi schools and universities have opened a "green light" for setting up Chinese classes. Soon, the two ancient languages, Chinese and Arabic, will appear in the classrooms of Saudi schools.

Currently, foreign language courses offered by various schools in Saudi Arabia are very limited. In the various stages of education before the university, the foreign language courses in Saudi Arabia have no language other than English.

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Compared with many other Arab countries, Saudi Arabia is more conservative in this respect. In addition to English, Egyptian high schools also have second foreign language courses in French, Italian, Spanish and German for students to choose.

In the past two years, Saudi Arabia is working hard to open a variety of foreign language courses to improve the status quo of foreign language education. The Arab News reported that the opening of Chinese classes will also help to achieve the goal of the “2030 Vision” in the field of education in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi news agency, Saudi Arabia plans to train Chinese language teachers and prepare relevant textbooks, and use Chinese as the second foreign language course in high school. It is expected that the scale of study will expand in the future. According to reports, the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will prepare to send the first batch of teachers to study Chinese in China and master the teaching methods of Chinese.

The Saudis expressed different views on social media for the upcoming Chinese language courses. Some people worry that because of the difficulty of learning Chinese, the pressure on students may increase. But most people believe that in the future world, Chinese will be as popular and important as English, and Saudis learn Chinese because of the requirements of the times.