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Airline issued a 920 yuan shopping voucher to apologize

  • Source:Beijing Youth Daily
  • Release on :2019-02-12
  (Reporter Yan Lishuang) On February 9th, local time, Air New Zealand returned to the flight because it was not registered in China. After that, it changed planes and boarded the plane again. It took off at 0:12 on February 11 and was on February 11 in Beijing time. Arrived in Shanghai at 6:52 in the morning. On the evening of February 10, Air New Zealand issued a statement on the official Weibo: "We know that this incident has caused great inconvenience to the passengers, especially many people have just spent a wonderful Spring Festival holiday in New Zealand. Apologize and will do our best to reduce the impact on passengers' follow-up journey."

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  On February 9th, local time, Air New Zealand's flight from Auckland to Shanghai returned to China midway after discovering that the aircraft did not have permission to land in China. Flight number NZ289 took off from Auckland at scheduled time after 11:45 pm local time on the 9th, but after the aircraft flew for four and a half hours, the pilot informed the passenger that the aircraft would fly back to New Zealand.

  The passengers on the flight were awakened by the pilot during the flight and the pilot announced that the Chinese authorities did not allow the aircraft to land. According to senior aviation commentator Super-Sideguard, the New Zealand Airlines NZ289 flight registration number for the ZK-NZQ aircraft was not registered in China. This is a technical error. He also said: "The flight back to the telegraph has not been sent to the Chinese side, which means that it is obvious that the problem has suddenly been discovered and returned to the air!

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  It is understood that after the return of NZ289 on February 10, the on-site coordination staff of New Zealand included a number of Chinese employees, and issued airport catering coupons and airport vouchers worth 200 New Zealand dollars (about 920 yuan) to the passengers. Some passengers have been taken to the hotel by bus, and a few passengers have taken a pillow and blanket to rest at the airport.

  According to the Regulations on the Operational Qualification of Foreign Public Air Transport Carriers (CCAR-129), the foreign airlines must apply for operational specifications for the execution of China routes, and submit a list of civil aircraft planned to fly into China, and specify the model of the civil aircraft. , nationality and registration mark. Civil aviation regulations in China, the United States and other countries require foreign aircraft in the country to declare in advance. This approval is an important guarantee for the safe operation of non-locally registered aircraft.

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