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"Flying car" is getting closer and closer to practical use

According to "Nikkei Business News" reported on April 9, in Japan, the promotion of "flight cars" moving with vertical takeoff and landing to commercial services has emerged. True wireless earbud supplier

Sumitomo Corporation of Japan will cooperate with Bell Helicopter Textron to strive to put the "flight car" into practical use in 2025, and plans to start the verification test of large unmanned aerial vehicles first during the year. , expand the survey of running services. Although the pulling effect on related industries in Japan is expected, there are still many issues to be solved, such as the development of flying vehicles and the delay in legislation. Mobile phone headset supplier

Leading companies in the development of flying vehicles are European and American companies. European Airbus, Audi and Italian design company (Italdesign) will promote the flying car program known as "Pop·Up·Next". Companies representing Europe in the aircraft and automotive sectors have joined forces.

The flying car under development combines an electric vehicle (EV) with an automatic driving function and a passenger drone. In urban areas, pure electric vehicles are used, while movement between cities is carried out in the air by drones with cabins. In November 2018, the developer showed a trial machine with a size of one-fourth. It will be used as a flight taxi within 10 years. Wireless headphone manufacturer China

In addition, Boeing will also actively promote the development of flying vehicles. In 2017, Boeing will include the development of the unmanned aircraft startup Aurora Flight Science Inc. (AuroraFlightSciences) into its subsidiaries.

If the flying car market is formed, it will also help to create a new parts industry. Greg Hyslop, chief technology officer (CTO) of Boeing in the United States, said that "aircraft and cars are constantly moving closer." Automated driving technology and electrification are indispensable for flying cars. The development of the core technologies of automobiles and flying cars overlaps with each other, and it is expected to expand the demand for sensor parts, batteries and lightweight materials.

Among Japanese companies, Subaru (SUBARU) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, which are involved in the helicopter and aircraft business, are in the stage of launching a feasibility assessment in the field of flying vehicles. Subaru’s executive executive, Ichiro Ichiro, said, “In the transportation of people and goods, the affinity between cars and airplanes is very high. Subaru is involved in these two aspects.”