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Foreign media: Europe's first truck arrived in China, Europe and China are closer

  • Author:Sam Morgan
  • Source:Global Times
  • Release on :2019-02-28
Belgian EU dynamic network February 27 article, original title: the first truck completed the European-Chinese freight in 12 days. The first batch of goods sent by land to China by Europe was delivered safely last week. When the goods arrived, the customs seal was intact. This is a good sign, because Europe hopes that the ambitious “Belt and Road” initiative of the East Asian superpower can become a “two-way road”.

As everyone knows, China hopes to enter the Western market with the help of the “Belt and Road” initiative. The European side also wants to ensure that this new Silk Road will operate in both directions, especially after China’s accession to the UN Convention on International Road Transport.

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Last year, China’s first batch of land transport goods under the framework of the International Road Transport Convention reached Poland in 13 days. Before that, Kazakhstan and China opened the port of the border city of Horgos. This time, a Dutch cargo truck loaded with automotive lubricants from Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, finally arrived in western China, with a journey of 7,400 kilometers, lasting 12 days.
The two shipments are handled by the Dutch company Alblas, and the company's CEO, Siebel Obras, said: "We expect great potential for road transportation between China and Europe." He said that two tests showed that the two tests showed that The route "has been fully operational."

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According to Alblas, the cost and time of delivery of road transport “is highly competitive compared to other modes of transport” – the International Road Transport Union (IRU) says it can reduce air cost by up to 50% compared to rail transport. Arrive at the destination 10 days in advance.

The trip to Germany from China was completed by a driver. A spokesperson for the International Road Transport Union said that if two drivers work shifts, the 12-day period can be reduced to eight days. For operators, the main cost is that the waiting time for customs clearance is too long, and the cost of wages for the two-person rotation will increase.

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China ratified the UN Convention on International Road Transport in 2016. Since then, it has been actively implemented, but the preparatory work is huge because the border crossings must be adapted and customs officers must be retrained to handle new operational procedures.