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French "Yellow Vest" movement leader was arrested

Organized protests without filing, French "Yellow Vest" movement leader was arrested

2019-01-03 11:09:48 Source: China News Net
Editor in charge: Li Xiajun

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China News Service, January 3, according to "Central News Agency" reported that on the 2nd local time, the French prosecutor's office source pointed out that one of the "yellow vest" demonstration leaders Drewvi, because there is no declaration, organized a protest in the center of Paris The activity was detained by the police.

On December 4, 2018, local time, the French government decided to suspend the fuel tax, but the protesters still released the fourth round of weekend demonstrations on the social platform, ready to launch a larger protest.

According to reports, dozens of demonstrators gathered outside McDonald's near the Arc de Triomphe, a famous French attraction, on the 2nd, waiting for Drewvi to arrive. According to police sources, Drewvi was arrested while on his way to the Champs Elysées.

The public protested against the government's increase in fuel taxes. In November 2018, protests were held in urban and rural areas in France. The demonstrators were called "yellow vests" because they were wearing reflective yellow vests.

The protests later expanded and became a dissatisfaction with President Marlon’s pro-business policies, which the protesters believe are beneficial to the rich.

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The demonstrators continued to clashed with the police in Paris and other French cities, and the reputation of Mark Long was greatly affected.

Drewvi was arrested in December 2018. Judicial sources said that he will appear in court on June 5, 2019, "to carry a banned Class D weapon."

The radical leftist leader Mei Longxiong, who often slams Mark Long, wrote on social media: "Drewe was arrested again, why? This is the abuse of power. The politicized police are targeting and harassing the 'yellow vest' movement leader group."

A few weeks after the protest broke out, Mark Long made a concession, announcing the cancellation of the fuel tax hikes, and promised to raise wages for workers receiving the minimum wage and tax cuts for pensioners.

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Although the number of demonstrators was later reduced, the protests continued.