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French shooting attacks: suspects are accused of radicalization in prison

2018-12-13 11:25:00 Source: News (Shanghai)

French shooting attacks: suspects are accused of radicalization in prison

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On Wednesday, local prosecutor Remy Heitz identified the Strasbourg shooting as a terrorist attack. "Terrorism has attacked us again," Heitz said.

According to Hetz’s press conference on the same day, witnesses on the scene said that the gunman Cherif Chekat shouted “Long live God” before the attack, plus his crime objectives and methods, personal background and other factors, France The counter-terrorism department has been involved in the investigation. Regarding the number of victims, Heitz corrected the previous three deaths, saying that one of them was actually in a "brain-dead" state; another eight were seriously injured.

Earlier Wednesday, Laurent Nunez, a senior French Interior official, revealed that the suspect became "radicalized" during a prison sentence and the French security authorities knew about it.

Sharif’s neighbors also said in an interview with the Associated Press that the gunmen were “radicalized” in prison. "You can see it," said a neighbor with his finger on his head. Another neighbor who asked not to be named said that the gunman suspected rarely went home.

According to information published by the French prosecutors and media reports, 29-year-old Sharif is a native of Strasbourg, from immigrant families and was convicted 27 times for several crimes committed in France, Germany and Switzerland. Stayed for 2 years. In addition, he was included in the monitoring list of the French Internal Security Directorate (DGSI) for holding extremist views.

Strasbourg is close to the French-German border, Nunez said. "The government has strengthened control over the French-German border, including inspections of transportation to and from the Rhine, and people and trains from Strasbourg to Germany."

Currently, Sharif’s parents and two brothers are being interrogated and the community building where they live is also surrounded by the police. The whereabouts of the gunmen are still unknown.

The French prosecutor said gunmen fired at a Christmas market in Strasbourg on Tuesday night and exchanged fire with police and soldiers guarding the market. A soldier was injured in the clash and the gunman was injured in the hand.

The gunman then hijacked a taxi and fled the scene. The taxi driver went to the police station and told the police that the man was injured and equipped with a gun and a knife. On the way, he mentioned that the police searched his house that morning and found a grenade. This information helped the police quickly lock in the gunman's identity.

“The two most important questions are how he escaped and he has never been caught. How did he get into the security-filled Christmas market?” MOSECON anti-terrorism consultant St. Pierre (Yan St -Pierre) in an interview with France 24 (France 24) pointed out that the suspect had escaped from the accident and his whereabouts are still unknown. It may be assisted by others. In addition, the local Christmas market has been strictly security since 2000, how did the murderer get inside the market? This issue is worthy of further investigation.

In 2000, the German and French governments jointly defeated a terrorist attack that planned to attack Strasbourg Cathedral and the Christmas market on New Year's Eve. Fourteen people were convicted for participating in the planned terrorist attacks. The Strasbourg government then strengthened the security of the Christmas market.

In 2016, a truck rushed into the Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, killing 12 people; in November of that year, Strasbourg also carried out several related arrests, and the local town hall once considered closing the Christmas market. .

On the evening of December 11, local time, Sharif fired at the Christmas market in the eastern French city of Strasbourg, killing at least two people, killing one person and injuring 12 others. After the incident, the Christmas market in Strasbourg was closed and all public display events were suspended.