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German CDU coaching attention

2018-12-10 08:04:14 Source: People's Daily

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From December 7th to 8th, the National Congress of the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) was held in Hamburg, and the UNICEF Secretary General Anne Gret Klap-Karenbauer was elected as the new party chairman. German Chancellor Merkel, who has been in this position for 18 years. The CDU party is the largest party in the Bundestag, and the new chairman is likely to be the German chancellor in the future. How Kramp-Karenbauer led the CDU and even Germany has received much attention.

Kramp-Karenbauer, 56, joined the CDU in Saarland in southwestern Germany in 1981 and served as a member of the State of Saarland, the state minister and governor. Krump-Karenbauer is regarded as a representative of the Merkel forces. From the political views she expressed on many occasions, she will generally continue the "middle, inclusive" policy line of the Merkel era.

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Deutsche Welle commented that Germany will remain reliable in terms of foreign policy, and the main policy of the government will hardly change. Krump-Karenbauer also stated many times that he will continue to support free trade policies and promote European integration. In the case of Merkel’s much controversial refugee policy, Krump-Karenbauer also supports the acceptance of refugees, but advocates a corresponding “repair” of Merkel’s policies, and the attitude will be tough, such as severe punishment Refugees who have identity or destroyed documents, refugees who are prohibited from committing crimes, etc. enter the Schengen area.

Although the economic fundamentals of Germany have remained good in recent years, they still face many problems in terms of social equality, education policy, digitization and environmental protection. The German media pointed out that the ruling party and public opinion are over-focusing on the refugee issue, and these issues that are more concerned with the interests of voters are ignored. Krump-Karenbauer is clearly aware of this problem. He adopted a pragmatic attitude during the election of the party chairman, focusing on housing, education, infrastructure construction, and the future of the German auto industry.

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Many participants believed that the biggest challenge for Kramp-Karenbauer was how to bridge the differences within the CDU. In the case of unstable political situation in Germany and external changes, he served as the chairman of the CDU party, and Krump-Karenbauer was shouldered.

This can also be seen from the candidates for this election and the number of votes. The other two candidates for this election belonged to a conservative party within the party and were more critical of Merkel’s policies. On the day of the election, Kramp-Karenbauer won 450 of the 999 votes in the first round of voting, and the conservatives received more than half of the total votes. Although Krump-Karenbauer eventually won in the second round, the advantage was very weak.

In addition to the need to rationalize the relationship within the party, Krump-Karenbauer also needs to deal with the relationship between the other two ruling ally Christian Social Union (CSU) and the Social Democratic Party. After Germany formed a large coalition government in March this year, the ruling coalition was frequently smashed, and the support rate continued to decline. In the near future, it suffered successive defeats in state elections. Earlier, some analysts said that the CPSU and the Social Democratic Party paid close attention to the re-election of the leadership of the CDU, and it is possible to re-examine the prospects for cooperation with the CDU.

The German Der Spiegel website commented that if Krump-Karenbauer wants to be truly successful, he must be able to unite the conservatives and ruling allies in the party and fight against the far-right German election party. Habeck, the chairman of the German Green Party, also said that the current challenges facing Germany are very great, and he hopes that Cranpo-Karenbauer can lead the CDU to solve these problems. (Reporter Li Qiang Hua Fang)