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German media: Germany will not attach to the United States banned Huawei from participating in 5G bi

  • Source:Global Times
  • Release on :2019-02-27
It was the US government that asked Cisco's hardware to open the back door for itself. It’s just that the United States has warned Huawei again. This is very interesting.” The German “Business Daily” quoted the German government’s data protection commissioner, Ulrich Kobel, on the 19th’s statement, ridiculing the United States’ request for the ban on Huawei’s “security”. According to the report, according to sources in the German government, the German government will basically not meet the requirements of the United States. It will not prohibit Huawei from participating in the 5G bidding in principle. The country is not targeting Chinese companies to strengthen the cyber security standards. .

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Germany's "Business Daily" said on the 19th that Germany will start auctioning 5G spectrum in March, but the government will basically not make a quick decision on whether to allow Huawei to participate in the construction of German 5G network. The Wall Street Journal reported on the 19th that several German government departments had reached an agreement two weeks ago and would not reject Huawei's participation in German 5G construction, but it still needs to be approved by the German cabinet and Congress. German Economy Minister Artemier refused to confirm the content of the report, saying that his department is still "still discussing relevant issues with other departments."

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The United States is putting pressure on its allies to ban Huawei on a global scale. For the United States' step by step, the German Federal Data Protection Commissioner Cobel rarely showed anger. He told the Business Daily on the 19th that the National Security Agency has been installing "backdoors" on Cisco's network equipment routers and servers for many years, and then exported and used as listening devices. He also said that so far "there is no evidence that there is a back door to Chinese products." Europe must deal with the problems of Chinese products through its own laws. From hardware to software, the EU should have technological autonomy. German news TV pointed out that after President Trump threatened to impose a 25% import tariff on European cars, Germany felt "chill". The United States may also use the approach of Huawei to treat European companies. This may prompt Europe to view Huawei's security more fairly.

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“Remember Snowden?” The US online technology news site The Register said on the 19th that the US’s fear of “state-sponsored espionage” stems from its own efforts. In 2014, US National Security Agency agent Snowden leaked documents showing that US spy agencies directly intercepted and eavesdropped on Cisco equipment sold to buyers, and also exploited remote vulnerabilities in Cisco firewalls to combine secret laws and covert operations to monitor Global internet and mobile networks. "President Obama was even forced to personally assure Prime Minister Merkel that the US National Security Agency did not monitor her mobile phone. These words seem to confirm that the United States has been doing this for years." The report said, "because the National Security Agency is against the country's technology giants." Cisco has done this, no wonder Uncle Sam is so paranoid about Chinese companies."