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Google drone delivery is licensed for operation: the take-out business will start first

Google drones are always ahead of the world. Now, Wing, a company in Google's driverless field, has taken a big step forward in drone flight delivery. Headset call center  manufacturer.

According to foreign media reports, Wing officially obtained the operating license, which is also the first U.S. drone express company officially licensed to operate, which means that the company has been recognized in terms of technology maturity and safety.
So what will Wing's drone initially ship? The answer is takeaway. Wing has also tested other online shopping categories in Australia and Europe. Mobile phone headset supplier.
Beginning in January 2019, Wing began to send fresh takeaways in Australia – but it was still piloted. In Australia, which is sparsely populated, such services involve much lower costs than human distribution and greatly increase efficiency.

Wing also stressed that the risk of drone delivery to pedestrians is much lower than that of cars – whether they are driven or unmanned.
In the future, a single operator can operate up to five drones at a time and can only operate during the day. The operating license is valid for two years. Wireless headphone manufacturer China.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that Wing was formally approved to begin delivering goods through UAVs in Virginia later this year. Currently, Wing mainly transports goods from local businesses to shopping families. Among them, Wing was also approved to operate a drone route with a flight distance exceeding the line of sight.

Like the wake-up of the driverless car, Wing also hatches from Google X. Then in July 2018, the company officially split and became an independent company under the parent group Alphabet.
Wing also designed drones. The aircraft currently distributes small parcels and optimizes take-off and take-off in the delivery process. No pick-ups and delivery are required.
Like a drone, it has experienced a lot of road tests. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, Wing's business meets the agency's security requirements based on extensive data and documentation, as well as thousands of safe flights in Australia.