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Google was fined by the EU for unfair competition

According to foreign media reports such as CNN and BBC, the EU imposed a fine of 1.49 billion euros (about 11.36 billion yuan) on Google on Wednesday.

This is the third time the EU has issued a three-time fine against Google. The total fine has reached 8.2 billion euros (about 62.6 billion yuan), and it has ended the anti-monopoly investigation of the US technology group in Europe.

The EU believes that Google abuses its market dominance and imposes restrictive clauses in its contracts with third-party websites to prevent Google's competitors from placing search advertisements on these websites, in violation of the principle of fair competition.

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that the subsidiary of Alphabet implemented anti-competitive restrictions on third-party websites between 2006 and 2016.

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The British "Guardian" reported that the EU Competition Commission said in the report that Google imposes anti-competitive requirements on companies using its search technology.

The commissioner Margaret Vistag said that Google abuses its dominance, forcing its customers in the AdSense business to sign contracts, restricting some customers' websites from advertising from third parties, and preventing competitors from "fair" in the online advertising market. Competition and innovation."

The committee stopped this illegal act after the regulator issued an opposition statement in July 2016. Vestag said that Google’s actions are aimed at consolidating its dominant position and protecting itself from competitive pressures.

She said that this behavior has been going on for 10 years, hindering the possibility of other companies innovating and competing based on their respective strengths.

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AdSense domain name advertising is a business launched by Google in 2006. Through AdSense domain advertisements, relevant developers and media can place a Google keyword advertisement on their website.

Google uses the advertisements displayed on the website to pay the corresponding number of clicks. commission. Although Google allows AdSense business users to add other search engines to their websites, it stipulates that Google's search engine must be in the "most prominent" position.

In 2016, under the pressure of investigation, it announced the cancellation of the relevant provisions in the AdSense domain name advertising business, completely lifting the restrictions.

In a statement, Google said that it will make major changes to its products in the next few months, eliminating the doubts of the EU Competition Commission.

This is the third major fine for the EU in two years. Last year, Google was fined £4.3 billion for abusing its dominance in the mobile market.

Last year, Google was fined £2.4 billion for manipulating shopping search results. Google’s anti-monopoly ticket issued by the European Union has reached 8.2 billion euros.

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This time the ticket was less than the previous two, due to Google's policy of changing its AdSense business after the European Union announced the case in 2016.

Regarding its manipulation of shopping search results, Google increased the visibility of competitors from 6% of search results to 40% after EU cases.

For Android's antitrust case, Google decided to let users choose the browsers and search engines they use on their phones, rather than simply pre-installing Google's own services.

It is said that the EU Competition Commission continues to focus on other areas of Google and is likely to open new cases for review in the future.