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Huawei release a new technology with NetScience

On December 26th, Huawei's glory mobile phone launched a new model glory V20. United Network Technology, Huawei glory of this model has broken through the previous technical bottlenecks in the smart phone network technology that cellular data and Wi-Fi networks can not be paralleled, and launched Link Turbo network aggregation technology (Link Turbo).

Realize two-way link to send and receive data at the same time, and automatically switch the instant application to the cellular data channel according to the network condition, which is evaluated by the communication industry as "the most revolutionary network technology before the 5G."

As the first CDN manufacturer in China to support the MPTCP protocol, NetScience provides the development and deployment of the server for Link Turbo, providing key technical support for the technology to complete the end-cloud collaborative network aggregation.

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It is reported that as smartphones become more and more popular, and cellular data evolves from 2G GSM to 4G LTE and is about to enter 5G, Wi-Fi's 802.11a/b/g/n/ac versions are also commercialized, mobile phones and communication networks. After several iterations, the goal is to make the communication experience smoother and more stable.

However, a major technical problem that has plagued the communications industry for many years is that the past communication technology can only support one of cellular data or Wi-Fi networks, and it is impossible to connect the two at the same time without interfering with each other. Due to environmental fluctuations and user behavior, the fluency of the network will be greatly reduced. Not only that, but when the Wi-Fi environment is poor, it is necessary to switch the system as a whole through manual or OS, which greatly affects the user experience.

In order to change this dilemma, players in the telecommunications field are actively seeking technological breakthroughs. In this process, the MPTCP protocol is widely regarded as a breakthrough in technology. This technology allows data to be transmitted through multiple substreams during a connection, and has been adopted by more and more international giants.

Starting with iOS 7, Apple has integrated this technology into the iPhone app, which was originally limited to the Siri app and is now open to more iOS 11 third-party apps; Samsung's Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are also trying to leverage South Korea. Telecom developed a solution based on this technology to solve the convergence problem of 4G and WiFi for smartphones.

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This time, from the perspective of intelligent terminal functions and user usage scenarios, Huawei's Link Turbo technology has two modes: intelligent link aggregation working mode and intelligent link shunt mode. The former allows users to use Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Under the two links, the two links simultaneously send and receive data to meet high-throughput business scenarios such as games and high-quality online video, and can guarantee low latency of key data; the latter can intelligently select a suitable network for shunting key data. If low-quality Wi-Fi can't meet the demand, it will switch to the cellular network intelligently, while keeping other applications on the mobile phone still on the Wi-Fi network.

It is understood that the current Alipay WeChat payment, WeChat audio / video phone, WeChat message / circle of friends, vibrato, Didi taxi, Mobai WeChat scan code entry and other scenes have been adapted to Link Turbo.

As a key service provider to support the implementation of Link Turbo technology, NetScience will provide multi-link aggregation and acceleration services from the mobile phone side to ensure LTE and Wi-Fi dual-end between mobile phones. The links are used at the same time to achieve high efficiency and stability.

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Zhao Ming, director of Huawei's director and glory, said that NetScience is the key technology partner of Huawei's Glory V20. Its technical solutions help Huawei solve the acceleration problem of the last mile of cloud-end and complete the network of end-cloud collaboration. Aggregation, so that some glory V20 users can be the first to experience the smooth feeling of the 5G era.

It is worth mentioning that the system protocol used by Link Turbo can still play a role in the future upgrade of cellular networks to 5G.

Li Dong, vice president of NetScience Technology, said that the current telecommunication network technology is updated very fast, which not only brings great convenience to users, but also poses a higher challenge to the optimization and innovation of network infrastructure. NetScience Technology has always been driven by innovation and keeps up with the trend of technology. In 5G era, the company will continue to provide leading quality products and services to create value for industry customers.

According to industry insiders, Link Turbo technology has substantially accelerated the convergence between fixed and mobile networks. The technology has shown the technical strength of Chinese enterprises in the field of communication and network infrastructure, and will become a related industry in the 5G era. A solid foundation for innovation and landing and an important thrust.