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If it is confirmed that Trump obstructs the judiciary, he does not rule out impeachment

According to comprehensive reports, although the US House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi has stated that he will not impeach US President Trump, the US House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler said on the 21st that since the Congress has not yet seen the complete Muller investigation report, Therefore, the possibility of impeaching the president is not ruled out.

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The report said that Nadler said in an interview on the 21st that the Democratic Party will promote a number of investigations against Trump in Congress. He said that "the obstruction of justice can be impeached if it is confirmed."

Schiff, chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee, also said: "This will be a very important decision. I will retain my judgment on this matter until we have the opportunity to think carefully about it."

Nadler said that although Special Prosecutor Muller decided not to lodge an allegation against President Trump that impeded the administration of justice, he believed that there was still ample evidence that the President had impeded the administration of justice.

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According to reports, some Democrats in the United States have begun to appeal to the president for impeachment based on the Muller report. US House Speaker Pelosi had previously sent a letter to lawmakers stating that they would discuss the next step and promised that "the Congress will not remain silent."

However, Trump’s allies believe that the Muller report should be the last step in the president’s investigation, and Congress should not continue to investigate the president. Trump’s lawyer Juliani also said on the 21st that the report showed that the president was “innocent” and that Muller’s investigation report was biased against the president.

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On the 18th local time, the US Department of Justice announced an abridged version of the 448-page special inspection officer Muller's “TongRumen” investigation report. According to the report, the Trump campaign team did not have “communication”, but it contained a lot of details that Trump tried to stop the investigation and did not reach a conclusion on whether Trump “obstructed justice”.