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India invites Huawei to participate in the 5G test. India: Show goodwill

2018-12-19 08:33 | World Wide Web

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"China's high-tech enterprise Huawei has been invited to participate in the 5G test in India," the "India Times" reported on the 18th that in the current Western countries question Huawei, "India's move shows political goodwill between the Chinese and Indian leadership. ". In the context of the US political allies' political suppression of Huawei, India has some echoes, but others have stood up to be fair. On the 17th, the Indian Telecommunications Operators Association sent a letter to the government department saying that any practice of excluding certain companies based on "rumors" could damage the digital communications prospects of the entire country.

"The Times of India" said that in addition to Huawei, the communications equipment vendors invited to participate in the Indian 5G test also include Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung. According to the report, the two Chinese companies, Huawei and ZTE, did not receive the Indian government's 5G test invitation at first, but India finally revised its policy to allow Huawei to participate in the test, and ZTE has not yet received an invitation.

Indian Telecom Minister Aluna Sandalaraji also praised Huawei's telecommunications business development in India in an invitation to Huawei. According to the article, sources said that opposing India's investment in "critical infrastructure" is India's "unwritten" rule. "In view of China's biggest strategic challenge in India, the Indian government should have a geopolitical significance."

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Huawei India branch said on the 18th that Huawei has never received any concerns about the security issue of the Indian government. The company is committed to providing customers with reliable and secure product solutions. Privacy and security are always Huawei's priorities. The Times of India also quoted Huawei India’s statement as saying that “Huawei has a good business record in India and will continue to work closely with the Indian government and other industry stakeholders”.
The Indian Ministry of Telecommunications announced in September that it will set up a special working group to implement 5G technology with Indian characteristics by 2019. After that, the debate about whether to allow Chinese companies to participate in the construction of 5G core equipment has been one after another. According to India’s Economic Times on the 17th, the “Indian Equipment and Services Export Promotion Committee” (TEPC), which is responsible for promoting the export of Indian telecommunications equipment, sent a letter to India’s national security adviser Dorval, asking the government to ban imports based on “national security” considerations. Telecom equipment produced by Chinese companies such as Huawei. The director of the committee, Naga, told the media that "Huawei's equipment can be manipulated outside of India, and some equipment has been used in the very sensitive northeastern region where the two countries have border disputes."
The local industry organization, the Indian Telecom Operators Association, has publicly supported Huawei. The Economic Times said that in a letter to the Ministry of Telecommunications, the association called on the government not to make a hasty decision based on the "so-called problem" proposed by TEPC. "Any practice of excluding certain companies based on rumors may damage digital communications throughout the country." prospect". Raja Matthew, Director-General of the Association, said, “Huawei has the ability to assist operators and the industry in their preparations to build 5G services in operations, organizations and the most important ecosystems, and to ensure full compliance with government requirements. ".

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Some Indian analysts said on the 18th that the Indian government has re-incorporated Huawei into the 5G test list. There are political considerations for maintaining the current good bilateral relations between the two countries, but it is also considered by geopolitics, national security and domestic public opinion. It is still too early to say that Huawei will be able to participate in the construction of 5G networks in India.
According to media reports, the Czech National Network and Information Security Agency (NCISA) warned its domestic network operators on the 17th to ban the use of hardware and software products produced by Huawei and ZTE on the grounds of "security threats." The Czech news agency said that a Huawei spokesperson responded on the 17th: "We strongly deny any claims that we pose a threat to national security. We call on NCISA to produce evidence, rather than damage Huawei's reputation without any evidence."
The suppression of the West has not hindered the development of Huawei.

Huawei Vice Chairman and Rotating CEO Hu Houkun
Huawei’s vice chairman and rotating CEO Hu Houkun said at a press conference held in Dongguan on the 18th that Huawei has obtained more than 25 5G commercial contracts, is a global leader in 5G commercial contracts, and has shipped more than 10,000 5G. Base station. Reuters said that Huawei announced in November that it had obtained 22 5G commercial contracts, but did not disclose its customer name. Hu Houkun also said that the company's total revenue is expected to exceed 100 billion US dollars this year, and Huawei's 2017 revenue is 92 billion US dollars. He said: "Although some markets strive to create fear of Huawei and use political intervention to grow the industry, we are proud to say that our customers still trust us." "When it comes to security allegations, it is best to let the facts speak." The fact is that Huawei's record in security is innocent."
Bloomberg said on the 18th that this was the first time that Huawei’s top executives made a public statement after Canada’s request to arrest Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Xizhou. Hu Houkun said at the press conference that he did not see any urgency impact on the Huawei night boat incident. The report quoted sources as saying that Huawei plans to invest $2 billion to improve its software operations in response to specific concerns from customers and governments until all "security concerns" are eliminated.