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"Flying car" is getting closer and closer to practical use
Release on 2019-05-07According to "Nikkei Business News" reported on April 9, in Japan, the promotion of "flight cars" moving with vertical takeoff and landing to commercial services has emerged.Read More
NASA supplier fraud for 19 years, causing two satellites to fail to launch
Release on 2019-05-06The British "Times" reported that a metal manufacturer that supplied defective rocket parts to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was found guilty of falsifying thousands of test results.Read More
Lenovo is about to launch a new ThinkBook series notebook
Release on 2019-05-05Lenovo is preparing to launch a new line of notebooks for mainstream users. The new ThinkBook laptop was recently exhibited at a trade show in China, and at least two retailers are currently synchronizing the product line to Europe. In terms of shape and positioning, the new ThinkBook seems to want to learn from and replicate the success of the IdeaPad model in the Lenovo notebook product line.Read More
New patent exposure: Samsung or launch a smart phone with multiple screens
Release on 2019-04-30In order to plug a larger screen into a limited body, smartphone makers can rack their brains, such as various bangs, front-view perforated screens, and pop-up cameras. What's more (such as Vivo NEX and Nubia X), a second screen is installed directly on the back of the phone, eliminating the need to have a front camera.Read More
122 days old 72-year-old Frenchman crossing the Atlantic by "drift bucket"
Release on 2019-04-29France's 72-year-old traveler Jean-Jacques Sawan completed a unique challenge on the 27th. After 122 days, he successfully crossed the Atlantic in a boat-like nautical device.Read More
Google drone delivery is licensed for operation: the take-out business will start first
Release on 2019-04-28Google drones are always ahead of the world. Now, Wing, a company in Google's driverless field, has taken a big step forward in drone flight delivery.Read More
Apple recalled plug adapters in Hong Kong, China, etc.: due to user shock
Release on 2019-04-26According to foreign media reports, Apple just announced a notice to recall the product. The recalled product is not a MacBook with keyboard and display cable problems, but a wall plug adapter designed for the Hong Kong, Singapore and UK markets in ChinaRead More
Scotland is preparing for the second independent referendum in 2021: Due to Brexit
Release on 2019-04-25Scottish Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Wednesday that Scotland would start preparing for an independent referendum by May 2021 without permission from London.Read More
If it is confirmed that Trump obstructs the judiciary, he does not rule out impeachment
Release on 2019-04-24According to comprehensive reports, although the US House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi has stated that he will not impeach US President Trump, the US House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler said on the 21st that since the Congress has not yet seen the complete Muller investigation report, Therefore, the possibility of impeaching the president is not ruled out.Read More
The White House confirms that Trump is on the phone with military leaders in eastern Libya
Release on 2019-04-23The White House confirmed on the 19th that President Donald Trump had a telephone conversation with Libyan Haftar, the eastern military leader of Libya, on the 15th to recognize the latter’s efforts to combat terrorism.Read More
Samsung folding screen mobile phone is being highly commented
Release on 2019-04-22On February 20th, Samsung officially released Galaxy Fold, the world's first foldable smartphone in San Francisco, USA. The price was over US$1980 (about 13,000 RMB), and the price exceeded the iPhone XS, which is called “the most expensive iPhone in history”. MAX top version.Read More
Can the United States reproduce the manned moon landing within five years?
Release on 2019-04-19Recently, US Vice President Burns said in the US National Space Council (NSC) that the United States will re-launch astronauts to the moon within five years (before 2025). This statement by Burns is a reconfirmation of President Trump's signing of the "Space Policy Directive" on December 11, 2017, and a clear timetable for the 21st century US moon landing plan.Read More
US takes a new round of sanctions against Cuba
Release on 2019-04-18The U.S. government announced on the 17th local time that it will adopt a new round of sanctions against Cuba, including allowing US citizens to sue for "confiscation" of property by Cuba and restricting the amount of remittances from U.S. citizens to Cuba.Read More
To rebuild the Notre Dame de Paris, the French community donated more than 700 million euros in 24 h
Release on 2019-04-17According to the European Network, the European Union News Agency reported that the roof of the Notre Dame de Paris was destroyed in a fire on the 15th. In order to rebuild Notre Dame, all walks of life in France actively launched fundraising activities to support the reconstruction project. In less than 24 hours, the total amount of donations from all walks of life and large enterprise groups has exceeded 700 million euros.Read More
Brazil announces to quit the Union of South American Nations
Release on 2019-04-16The Brazilian Foreign Ministry announced on the 15th that Brazil officially withdrew from the Union of South American Nations.Read More
Abe will fully support the reconstruction of Fukushima and intend to participate in the Olympic torc
Release on 2019-04-16He said that "the central government will give full support to the future of the region" and stressed that it will work hard to eliminate the negative impression of other countries on food produced in Fukushima.Read More
Japan’s Olympics Minister, saying bad remarks toward victims, Abe admits his improper position assig
Release on 2019-04-12On the 10th, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accepted the resignation of the Olympic Games Minister Sakurada has repeatedly made a number of remarks during his tenure, and former Olympics minister, Suzuki Suzuki, will take over his position.Read More
The first black hole photo was published, which verified that Einstein’s theory is correct!
Release on 2019-04-11How was the first black hole photo taken by humans? What is the release date of the first black hole photo in human history? At 21 o'clock on April 10th, Beijing time, the world's six places (Brussels of Belgium, Santiago of Chile, Shanghai and Taipei of China, Tokyo of Japan and Washington of USA) will hold a press conference to release the first black hole photos. According to the data, the "flushing" of black hole photos took about two years.Read More
China and the United States must jointly raise sense of responsibility to the world
Release on 2019-04-10On April 1st, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized that the relationship between the major powers is related to the stability of the global strategy and that the great powers shoulder special responsibilities. Sino-US relations are one of the most important bilateral relations in the world. It is hoped that the US side will go hand in hand with China, manage differences, expand cooperation, and jointly develop Sino-US relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability, and provide more stability and predictability to the world.Read More
US House of Representatives Democrats ask the IRS to provide Trump tax records
Release on 2019-04-09According to CNN, Richard Neal, chairman of the US House of Representatives fundraising committee, officially sent a letter to the US Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday asking him to provide President Trump's tax record for 2013-2018.Read More