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Italy also has "Tiger Daddy" for forcing children to learn to be sentenced to 3 months

January 18, 2019 10:22 Source: China News Net

BEIJING, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) According to the European Union, the European Union News Agency reported that a few days ago, the Turin Court of Italy held a trial of a parent forced child study. The presiding judge believes that the use of corporal punishment, snoring, and prohibiting children from eating breakfast due to failure to complete a learning task is extremely inappropriate and constitutes a crime of domestic abuse and child abuse. The court decided to sentence the parents involved in the case to three months in prison and to execute the warning outside the prison.

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According to reports, an Italian man living in Turin, from the time his son was 5 years old, taught his son to read and literate, and set a learning goal for his son, forcing his son to recite the law. Whenever the son does not complete the learning task on time, the father forces his son to continue learning, and can only eat or play games after completing the learning task. When the son is not obedient, his father will inevitably slap his son.
The boy who was forced to learn by his father was named Luca. He is 8 years old this year. His excellent academic performance has aroused the attention of the school teachers. In particular, Luca’s infinite expansion of Italy’s multiplication is completely beyond the ordinary people’s computing power.
When the teacher asked Luca why he could remember such huge calculations, Luca told the teacher about his father's forced study. Subsequently, the teacher reported the situation to the school, and Luca, who had little trouble, introduced a judicial lawsuit for his father.

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Luca’s father said in a court investigation that the compulsory education for children is entirely for the future of the child, and that the child wants to learn more knowledge and become useful to the society. He doesn't think he has done anything wrong.

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The presiding judge believes that educating the child is not at fault, but can not deprive the child of the right to play, blindly let the child learn, the child will lose the childlike heart and the happiness of childhood. In particular, corporal punishment and snoring against children have violated Article 571 of the Italian Criminal Code and constitute a minor crime. (Huang Xin)