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Japan’s Olympics Minister, saying bad remarks toward victims, Abe admits his improper position assig

On the 10th, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accepted the resignation of the Olympic Games Minister Sakurada has repeatedly made a number of remarks during his tenure, and former Olympics minister, Suzuki Suzuki, will take over his position.

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On October 2, 2018, the Japanese Olympic Games Minister Sakurada Yoshihiro was in Tokyo.

On the evening of the 10th, Sakurada participated in a party hosted by the Liberal Democratic Party Representative Takahashi Takahiko. In his speech, he mentioned the earthquake that struck eastern Japan on March 11, 2011, saying: "I hope (the affected county) carries the heart of the service (Olympic tourists) Cooperate with the post-disaster recovery. And more important than the revival is Ms. Takahashi."

After the party ended, Sakurada once denied the sentence to the reporter, and then went to the Prime Minister's residence to submit his resignation to Abe. He apologized to the victims and withdrew his improper speech. He said, "It is just that the withdrawal is not enough. I feel my responsibility and submit my resignation."

Former revival minister Imamura Yasu resigned in April 2017 due to a similar mistake. He was "fortunate" that the disaster occurred in the northeastern part of Japan and was called "the Minister of Salt."

This is not the first time Sakurada said the wrong words: On February 12th, Japanese swimmer Ikegawa Hanako diagnosed leukemia, and Sakuda told reporters that he was "disappointed." This remark made an uproar in Japan, and a large number of netizens angered the message and condemned Sakurada for "no humanity." Even the Japanese political circles have stood up and voiced their requests for the removal of the Sakurada Olympic Minister.

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The next day he told the House of Representatives that he had heard of the Olympic Charter but had not read it. This remark has caused a lot of public controversy in Japan. As of 9:00 am on the 13th, Japan’s “Olympic Minister Sakurada” was pushed to the second place in the hot search, and “the Olympic Minister’s speech” rose to the sixth place. The critical remarks against Sakurada have also risen to hot search.

On April 9th, he read the Shiyan City in the disaster area of Miyagi Prefecture three times...

The chief opposition party of the opposition party, the Democratic Party, said that Sakurada’s remarks were “unbelievable” and that Sakurada’s mistakes were made many times, but Abe’s cover was still covered, and the responsibility of the Prime Minister’s employment needs to be investigated.

Sakurada is the eighth cabinet company to resign since Abe took office in 2012. On the 10th, Abe admitted to improper use of people and apologized to the victims. The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that Abe intends to appoint former Olympic minister and member of the House of Representatives Suzuki Suzuki to replace Sakurada.

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Japan’s Kyodo News reported on April 11 that the situation of the second half of the unified local elections and the summer elections may be affected. In an interview with the bureaucrat, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe apologized for “apologizing to the victims of the disaster area” and pointed out that “the appointment responsibility was originally on the body of the prime minister”. He also said: "In the future, we will continue to do our best for the reconstruction of the northeastern region of Japan."

Following the resignation of the former Minister of Land and Resources, Mr. Ichiro, the Abe cabinet exposed negative news in a short period of time, which may affect the election of the Liberal Democratic Party's local elections and the Senate elections.