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Mark Long announces that France has entered an "economic emergency"

Mark Long announces that France has entered an "economic emergency"
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[Text / Observer Network Li Dongyu]

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The French domestic protests entered the fourth week. Under the call of the people to continue to ask President Mark Long to stand up and respond directly to the protests, Mark Long finally made his first speech to the whole country on December 10th.
In order to quell the protests, Mark Long made a series of promises in the speech to appease the people. At the same time, Mark Long also announced that the country entered an "economic and social emergency."

According to France's France 24 TV station, Mark Long promised in the speech that he would raise the monthly minimum wage by 100 euros (about 784 yuan), cancel the tax on overtime pay and the monthly income is less than 2000 euros. People with a tax exemption of 16,000 yuan).

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In addition, Mark Long announced that the country entered an "economic and social emergency", which ordered the government and the parliament to immediately take measures to reform tax rules and other policies affecting the income of the working class.

It is worth noting that, in response to the protests of the people's request for the restoration of the "rich tax", Mark Long explicitly refused that day, saying that he would stick to his reform agenda. "We will take strong measures to cut taxes faster and control our spending to meet the urgent needs of the economy and society, but not a 180-degree turn." Mark Long said.

In the middle of last month, a protest against the increase in the fuel tax was launched in France. The protests spread throughout the country and evolved into a wide-ranging campaign that required the Markon government to improve social injustice.

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The protests once turned into "riots." In the past weekend, the Macaron government has deployed nearly 90,000 police officers across the country. 1,723 people were arrested across France on weekends, of which 1,220 were detained, and the number of people arrested in Paris reached 1,082, much higher than last week's 412.