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Meng night boat was finally released on bail but must wear electronic cymbals and be monitored

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On December 12, wake up in the morning, a good news, a bad news.
The good news is not the one you want, but after 10 days in custody, the Canadian court finally agreed that Huawei CFO Meng Zhouzhou could be released on bail.
The bad news, a simple bail hearing, dragged on for three days from the day, and then a series of extradition procedures, which means that the court proceedings, the months are really short, and it is not unusual for a few years.
In addition to court litigation, there are various kinds of struggles. In other words, the more difficult struggle is still behind, and everyone should be prepared for it.
For Meng Xizhou, this so-called good news is just the second worst choice in the worst choice. She is relatively free, she must wear an electronic cymbal, and she has to watch out. She must be at home from 11:00 to 6:00 in the morning, and she must pay a deposit of 10 million Canadian dollars.
The key is, what should I do next?
As predicted earlier, there are no more than three outcomes:
1, Canada released. This is the most ideal result. For Meng Xiazhou and Huawei, it is also a shock, and unfortunately fortunate.
2, Canada extradition, the United States ruling released. Less than ideal consequences, after all, this means long periods of detention and interrogation, as well as a series of struggles.
3, Canada extradition, the United States sentenced, Huawei was severely punished. The worst ending, the fight will be fierce.
You must strive for the best results and make the worst plans.

Therefore, the parties will fight with each other, from the debates in the courts to the contests outside the courts, as well as various games that we may not see.