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Winter storm invades the US island of Hawaii

  • Source:China News Network
  • Release on :2019-02-13

Winter storms invade the United States, Hawaii Island, welcomes the lowest altitude snowfall record reported on February 13th that most parts of the United States have recently ushered in rain and snow, and Hawaii has been hit by intense winter storms. Winds and waves have appeared in many places, and large numbers of trees, traffic lights and high-voltage power lines have been blown down. Electricity and part of the land traffic were interrupted, and nearly 27,000 households were cut off. Heavy snow occurs in some parts of Maui, and it is the snowfall that Hawaii has historically recorded at the lowest elevation.

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Strong winds and huge waves appeared on many islands in Hawaii. Among them, the top of the Mauna Kea volcano on the Big Island once recorded a record gust of 307 kilometers per hour. Kauai Island issued a thunderstorm warning. The northern coastal area of ​​the island appeared 12 meters. High waves.

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The meteorological department described the second winter storm as unprecedented, resulting in the first snowfall in the Maui mountainous area at an altitude of less than 2,000 meters. A 66-year-old male swimmer from California died in a huge wave in northwestern Maui.

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The West Coast of the United States was also hit by heavy winds, Washington State announced that the school was suspended, and the state legislature cancelled the hearing. Seattle recently recorded more than 15 centimeters of snowfall, increasing the cumulative snowfall to 51 centimeters this month. It was the most snowy February in more than 50 years, and Humboldt County in northern California was the first snowing in 15 years.