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Mrs. Obama Michelle praises the Queen of England: smart, fun and honest

Mrs. Obama Michelle praises the Queen of England: smart, fun and honest
December 05, 2018 13:23 Global Network
[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the US "Newsweek" reported on December 4, the former US First Lady Michelle Obama recently participated in an event in the United Kingdom, the character and spiritual strength of Queen Elizabeth II Appreciate. She also revealed a surprising detail by recalling her previous visit to the Queen of England: the Queen did not pay attention to royal courtesy.

According to reports, former US First Lady Michelle Obama is currently promoting her new memoir "Become" in London, England, and a large number of fans rushed to the event.

In the face of the audience, Michel recalled his previous experience of visiting the British royal family. She said that when she visited Windsor Castle in 2016, she nervously tried to remember the correct greetings to the Queen's etiquette. When she was ready to take the Queen’s welcome car, she said that she “thinked all the etiquette in her head. My reaction at the time was, 'No matter what you do, don’t fall over the steps, don’t touch anyone'".

But she is greatly gratified that the Queen does not value these red tapes very much. Michel recalled: "The Queen said, 'Get on the bus, sit wherever you want,' according to her memories, the Queen of England said when referring to the royal etiquette, ‘oh, those are rubbish, get on the bus.’”

Michelle also recalls another sorrow that may have occurred when she met with the Queen at the 2009 G20 summit: she touched the Queen's back within a few minutes of meeting the Queen – many thought it violated courtesy. Fortunately, however, the Queen did not seem to be particularly upset about this contact, and even returned a gift. ”

The report said that the Obamas have a good relationship with the British royal family, and they have had many relaxed and pleasant meetings with the royal family.

Michelle revealed that she and her husband, Obama, are both loyal fans of the Queen. Michelle said the Queen said that she was very smart, funny and honest. She said that her husband admired the Queen very much because the Queen reminded him of his grandmother.

"He is a big fan. Barak is very respectful to Her Majesty," she said.