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New York stock market rose, driving international oil prices soared 8%

New York stock market rose, driving international oil prices soared 8%

2018-12-27 08:50 Source: PENGPAI News

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On December 26th, the East New York stock market surged to drive the international oil price to rise sharply. The oil price ushered in the biggest one-day gain in more than two years.
On the same day, the US stock market ushered in the biggest increase in the past 10 years. The Dow's single-day gain exceeded 1000 points for the first time, and oil prices rebounded and pushed the energy sector to rise. As of the close of the day, the New York Mercantile Exchange's light crude oil (WTI) futures for February 2019 rose 3.69 US dollars to close at 46.22 US dollars per barrel, an increase of 8.68%. London Brent crude oil futures for February 2019 rose $4.00 to close at $54.47 a barrel, or 7.93%.

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John Kilduff, founding partner of Energy Hedge Foundation Again Capital, said the oil price rebound on Wednesday was a comforting rebound after Monday's plunge, and energy companies were also boosted by the soaring stock market. On December 24, the three major stock indexes of the US stock market fell, and oil prices plummeted 6%. “The whole market is in turmoil, like the end of the world,” John Kilduff said. “The sun is coming out today.”

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In 2018, the price of crude oil has increased by more than 30%. From October onwards, the supply and demand of the market have reversed again, and oil prices have turned down. Despite the strong rebound, the current US oil and cloth oil have fallen by about 40% from the October high.