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New patent exposure: Samsung or launch a smart phone with multiple screens

In order to plug a larger screen into a limited body, smartphone makers can rack their brains, such as various bangs, front-view perforated screens, and pop-up cameras. What's more (such as Vivo NEX and Nubia X), a second screen is installed directly on the back of the phone, eliminating the need to have a front camera. However, this approach seems to be receiving more and more attention from manufacturers. Headset call center  manufacturer.

Last month, the Dutch tech blog LetsGoDigital reported on a mobile phone patent from Huawei that showed the second screen on the back. Then, South Korean electronics giant Samsung also picked up this idea.

The front and back of this "multi-flat display" mobile device are equipped with a display that can be used simultaneously, and its various application scenarios are described in detail in the patent.

In addition to the full-screen front, Samsung also described two other display components, with the back screen occupying approximately 3/4 of the position. But from the illustration, it is not a foldable device, but a double-sided phone. Bluetooth speaker wholesales china.

Furthermore, alternatives are mentioned in the patent, such as being placed between the second and third screens, or even embedded in the fuselage casing.

In terms of manipulation, the user can hover his finger on the screen (distance 2 to 5 cm) and consciously turn the screen portion into an active state. Smartphone accessories supplier china.

In addition, Samsung mentioned an interesting translation scenario. When you meet a foreign friend, you can tell on your own side and then display the real-time translation on the secondary screen, and vice versa.

It should be pointed out that the exposure of patents does not mean that manufacturers will soon launch corresponding products. Taking OPPO and Vivo as examples, although its pop-up front-end design has received a lot of praise, it has not become the mainstream of the market.