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Putin’s annual press conference once again criticized the United States’ “devil” on the Ukrainian is

Putin’s annual press conference once again criticized the United States’ “devil” on the Ukrainian issue: blockade of Donbas, split Orthodox

Wen Wei News

▲ On December 20, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the annual press conference. │Vision China

At 12 o'clock on the 20th Moscow time (17 o'clock in Beijing time), Russian President Vladimir Putin held an annual press conference. A total of 1,702 journalists were registered at the press conference.
In response to a question from the "News" reporter about the Chongchi Strait crisis and Russia-Ukraine relations, Putin said that the provocation initiated by Ukraine is very low-level. "I can understand the Ukrainian practice. After all, after provocation, Poroshenko’s support rate has Significant improvement, from the fifth place in the candidate to the second, but what is the use rate of more than 10%, should consider the future of Ukraine."

At the scene, Ukrainian reporters questioned, when the Chongchi Strait crisis occurred, who ordered the guns to be opened. Will Russia consider hostage exchanges with Uzbekistan in the future? What is the fate of Ukrainian sailors? Putin said that these ideas are influenced by the hateful sentiment of Kiev, and that the fate of Ukrainian sailors can only be decided after a criminal investigation.

When talking about the situation in Wudong, Putin asked the Ukrainian journalist. "Are you a Ukrainian? You also feel the desperate atmosphere in the eastern part of Ukraine, but you think about it, is Russia blocked and isolated from Donbas? It is the United States and Ukraine. I don’t want Ukrainians to be crushed to death by the last straw. Peace is more important than anything else."

In addition, when talking about the split of the Orthodox world, Putin also stressed that this is the United States behind the "ghosts." "You can't imagine that the US Secretary of State will call Kiev to support the split of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This is politics that interferes with religious freedom."

However, Putin also said that Ukraine is always Russia's Slav brothers, Ukraine is still an important trading partner of Russia, this year's trade volume is still increasing, Russia cares about the prosperity and development of Ukraine.

Author: Wenhui newspaper reporter Liu Chang
Editor: Liu Chang
Editor in charge: Shen Lei

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