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Queen's Christmas Message Summary: Emphasizing Peace and Goodwill Calling for Unity

Queen's Christmas Message Summary: Emphasizing Peace and Goodwill Calling for Unity

December 25, 2018 09:07 Source: China News Network

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BEIJING, Dec. 25 (Reuters) - The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, but the British Parliament is still unable to reach a consensus on the "Brexit" agreement. At a time when the society is in serious disagreement, Queen Elizabeth II will deliver the last Christmas message before Brexit, emphasizing the importance of social harmony and respect for others, and the message is united by the people. She also said that the world needs peace and goodwill more than ever before.

According to reports, 92-year-old Elizabeth II pre-shot a Christmas message on the 12th of this month, will be broadcast on December 25, Buckingham Palace first released a summary of the content on the 24th.

In the 66th year of the election, Elizabeth II has always avoided asking about political affairs. Although she did not directly mention "Brexit" in this speech, she is widely believed that she is a speech to encourage people who are confused about the prospect of "Brexit". .

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King Elizabeth II said that the message of promoting peace and goodwill is “from time to time” and that everyone needs and should be mindful. Even if there are major differences between the two sides, they can respect each other. This is always the first step to promote mutual understanding. .

Elizabeth II also reviewed the major events in the UK over the past year, including England's promotion to the semi-finals at the World Cup and the marriage of Prince Harry. She also said that many changes have been seen over the years, but the beliefs, family and friendship have always been the same for her, and she is the source of her personal comfort and peace of mind.

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When Elizabeth II gave a Christmas speech, a black and white family photo taken in 1949 was placed on the table. In the photo, Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, holding Prince Charles, who was only six months old at the time.