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Recently released China's population data

Recently released China's population data: the number of women of childbearing age has dropped for 7 years

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Population data has recently been released. There have been frequent rumors in recent days that there is a cliff in the birth of the country. As the past data release time approaches, this issue has become more and more concerned. On January 10th, the Health and Health Commission responded that the factors affecting the population problem are numerous and complex, and the Health and Health Commission has been continuously monitoring, and the relevant departments of the relevant population data will be announced in the near future.

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Song Jianli, a spokesperson for the Health and Welfare Commission, said that there are many factors affecting fertility problems. The size, age of marriage, age of birth, economic and social factors of women of childbearing age are more complicated.

Tao Tao, an associate professor at Renmin University of China, said that since 2011, the size of 15-49-year-old women of childbearing age has been declining, so the number of births has gradually decreased. Since 2000, the annual birth population has fluctuated between 1,500 and 18 million. Recently, factors such as the adjustment of the policy, as well as the influence of the zodiac selection such as the Year of the Dragon and the Year of the Goat, have also increased. In addition, the average age of women of childbearing age is also increasing. In 2015, half of women of childbearing age were over 40 years old.

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According to Song Shuli, the birth rate of the two-year child has remained at around 50% in the past two years, and the positive significance of the two-child policy has been continuously released.