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Reflection after "Double 11": Is it crazy consumption or "consumption downgrade"

Reflection after "Double 11": Is it crazy consumption or "consumption downgrade"?

Reported by: China Youth Daily  

The annual "Double 11" e-commerce shopping frenzy has come to an end, but the controversy, thinking and research surrounding it is far from over. Whether it is media reports or business announcements, the “Double 11” shows new features every year, but a general trend is: the transaction volume is getting bigger and bigger, the number of participants is increasing, and the consumption power of the younger generation after 90s is more The stronger it is, and even become the main force in the shopping frenzy, the data shows that the proportion of consumption after 90% is as high as 46%. Not long ago, the topic of "depletion of consumption" among young people was once rampant. Many people squandered their own spending power and their consumption level became lower, which seems to be contrary to the scene presented by "Double 11". What is this seemingly contradictory phenomenon?

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First of all, we have to figure out a problem. "Double 11" is only a special time for product promotion. The crazy consumption at individual time points does not mean that consumers have daily consumption patterns. This means that we must exclude two extreme views: First, the irrational consumption in the "double 11" consumption does not represent the consumer's daily consumer psychology; second, the "double 11" consumption has increased significantly, and it cannot Explain that in normal times, consumers can “slap a lot of money”. The essence of the "Double 11" consumption characteristics is the concentrated consumption behavior above a certain spending power, that is, people often say "selling goods", and concentrated trading in the "double 11".

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Secondly, there is no need to look at the consumption phenomenon embodied in "Double 11" with extreme thinking. Young people have the ability to consume, and they are unwilling to spend. In the final analysis, it is a consumer psychology. There is a general concept in the western psychology community. Consumer psychology is related to consumption power, but it also has a lot to do with the consumption environment. In the context of online shopping in China, the induction of many businesses, the promotion of platforms, and the rendering of advertisements all affect consumers' consumer psychology. In particular, after the 90s, the concept of consumption was not stable, and the phenomenon of emotional consumption also existed, which caused the above phenomenon. Therefore, the problem of consumption patterns behind “Double 11” cannot be simply reduced to judgments such as “consumption upgrade” or “consumption downgrade”.

However, what was the "consumption downgrade" that was previously heated up in public opinion? Objectively speaking, today's young people are indeed facing greater economic pressure than their predecessors, especially those who drifted in the first-tier cities such as the north and the north and the deep, and generally faced the problem of high housing prices and high prices, and many of them. The reason why I don't want to go back to my hometown has been a relatively easy life. In addition to the pursuit of dreams, the employment channels, income status and development potential of the big cities are even greater, and they are more in line with the needs of young people. However, if you choose to work hard, you will inevitably have to compress the space you enjoy, so it is not surprising that there is a so-called "consumption downgrade" mentality. In fact, "consumption downgrade" is more like a psychological self-deprecation. This is indeed related to the habit of the younger generation who loves to be self-satisfied and likes to ridicule, but in terms of actual purchasing power, today's young people are much stronger than their predecessors.

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The author also has a lot of young friends drifting in the first-tier cities. They ridiculed the "consumption downgrade" to make their lives difficult, while maintaining a high life experience. In other words, it is not true that the consumption power is declining, but that the diversification of consumer psychology has impacted the inherent concept. For example, the traditional concept is that young people must settle down to buy a house after graduation, but now more young people prefer to rent a comfortable and expensive house, regularly arrange to travel abroad, and do not choose to carry a heavy mortgage to buy an "old and small" The house, this is the change in the concept of consumption, and the result is an improvement in the quality of life.

In small cities and counties, the so-called "consumption downgrade" is more like a "pseudo-proposition." Especially after the increasing popularity of online shopping, no matter where you are in any of the four or five small cities in the country, you can capture the latest fashion information on the e-commerce platform, you can buy the most fashionable clothes, and buy all kinds of popular "net red products". ". Before, even if only 10 years ago, young people who were shackled in small places wanted to understand the "outside world" and it was very difficult to keep up with the fashion trends of big cities. In this sense, young people are instead “epilating in consumption”.

Therefore, we do not need to make a fuss about the crazy data in the “Double 11” consumption, and do not have to combine the so-called “consumption downgrade” concept to speculate on the consumption power of young people. "Crazy consumption" or "consumption downgrade" is essentially a common phenomenon that occurs in the capital field and is an objective problem in the consumer society. The French thinker Baudrillard pointed out in the book "Consumer Society" that the mass media culture will influence the consumption mode to a large extent, especially the influence of the media on public opinion, which often leads to the formation of a "qualitative" concept of consumption. So that some "stereotypes" are formed. Obviously, it is not necessary to use the concept of “consumer downgrade” to create a hard copy, and to strip away the various concepts attached to the “double 11” in order to better restore and understand the real consumption situation.