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Rock band members asked federal employees to eat

The US government stopped for a month. Rock band members asked federal employees to eat.

January 22, 2019 10:02 Source: China News Network

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According to foreign media reports, on January 21, the US federal government had a partial shutdown for 31 days. The American rock band singer Jon Bon Jovi and the heavy metal band KISS both stretched out. Helping to give free food to federal employees who are forced to take unpaid leave or unpaid work.

According to reports, Bang Qiaofei’s “Bang Qiaofei Mind Kitchen” opened in New Jersey announced on the social networking site last weekend that federal employees are welcome to take free food.

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“Bang Qiaofei Mind Kitchen” wrote: “We follow our mission and encourage federal employees to join us and enjoy a delicious meal and learn about the additional support and resources available in our community.”

In addition, two members of the rock band KISS, lead singer Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons also distributed free food to their US Transportation Security Administration staff at their Rock & Brews restaurant. .
Transportation Security Administration staff affected by government closures can receive free food at all Rock & Brews restaurant outlets.

Former US President George W. Bush also personally sent pizza to his wife, Laura, last week to protect the security of the Secret Service personnel.

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Bush said on a social networking site that he and Laura "are very grateful to the Secret Service staff and thousands of federal employees who are still unemployed but still working hard for the country. We are also grateful to all the people who support them. Now it is It’s time for the two leaders to put down politics, work together, and end the door-closing (deadlock)."