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"Russiagate" survey welcomes the climax? Trump asks Cohen to "long-term imprisonm

2018-12-05 06:43:44 Source: Reference News Network (Beijing)

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Reference News Network reported on December 5 that French media said that US President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted to lying to Congress on behalf of Trump’s search for a real estate agreement with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. On December 3, he called for Cohen to be sentenced to "long-term imprisonment."

According to Agence France-Presse reported on December 3, Trump also reiterated the allegations against the "Russiagate" special prosecutor Robert Miller, saying that Miller forced witnesses to fabricate lies to harm the president.

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Trump said on Twitter: "Do you mean that he can do all these terrible things that are not related to Trump, involve fraud and large loans, and don't use long-term sentences?"

Trump added: "He lied about this result, I think he should serve his sentence completely."

Cohen was Trump's closest ally, an executive of the Trump Group, who last week admitted to lying in testimony about contacts with Russian power figures about building the Trump building in Moscow.

Cohen acknowledged that contact with a senior aide of Russian President Putin continued until the first half of 2016, until Trump was nominated for the Republican presidential nomination. Trump repeatedly denied having negotiated the deal after 2015, but Cohen told the court that Trump and his family knew about the negotiations.

Cohen has already pleaded guilty to tax evasion, financial fraud and campaigning for financial irregularities. On November 30th, he asked the Federal Court of New York to treat his time of detention as "time of service." Cohen’s lawyer said that he fully cooperated with Miller’s investigation and should avoid being imprisoned.

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Legal experts believe that Trump is using his power to interfere with witnesses.