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Science and technology progress in changing the world

First, deep space exploration has achieved many "firsts" in recent decades. The first time after the Cold War, the number of launches exceeded 100 times.

The first and most accurate three-dimensional map of the Milky Way with 1.7 billion stars ("Gaia" satellite) broke the fastest speed record of more than 40 years of dust-covered aircraft (Sun detector "Parker" ), for the first time on Mars (high salinity) liquid water ("Mars Express"), "close range" to see the asteroids at the edge of the solar system ("New Horizons" observation asteroid "End of the Earth"), after a few decades humans again Launched a heavy rocket (heavy "Falcon") to detect the radio signals from the first stars after 180 million years of the Big Bang.

In addition, the "Insight" successfully landed on Mars and began work as the third in-service detector. For the third time, humans fired detectors at Mercury. The two detectors respectively arrived at the two asteroids, the "Neon Bird" and the "Dragon Palace", and returned to Earth in the future to lay the foundation for space mining.

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The second is the important "first time" of deep understanding of matter. For the first time, the implementation of anti-hydrogen internal reference energy transition is a step closer to cognition and manipulation of anti-matter, and is of great value for future energy development.

The first measure of the pressure inside the proton is 100 trillion times (10^30 times) of the Earth's atmospheric pressure, which is 10 times the core pressure of the neutron star.

For the first time, it accurately locates the origin of the "ghost particle" from space and reaches the earth, and has a deeper understanding of the material world.

The third is that life sciences deeply solve the "Tianshu" of life.

The first cell division study of embryos was found in the "Change Textbook", and the paternal and maternal chromosomes were split to control the separation of chromosomes on both sides.

For the first time, the most complete picture of the brain (the high-definition three-dimensional brain map of Drosophila melanogaster) was drawn.

Using the “Chinese Spring” wheat varieties from Sichuan, the wheat genome map was drawn; the wheat genome is complex and complex, about 40 times that of rice.

New photosynthesis mechanisms have been discovered in cyanobacteria, bringing new ideas for finding extraterrestrial life and improving crops.

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Using DNA testing technology, it was first discovered that the mixed hens of the Denisova (father) and the Neanderthal (mother) more than 50,000 years ago had a new understanding of human evolution.

Fourth, biotechnology continues to enhance its ability to promote health. Using genetic editing technology to transform skin cells into stem cells for the first time, providing new ways to treat a variety of diseases.

The first use of activated retinal stem cells to restore mouse vision will provide a cure for retinal degenerative diseases.

The use of stem cells to develop an embryonic-like structure without using sperm or eggs has taken another step toward making artificial embryos. Cancer patients remain cancer-free after 5 years of immune cell therapy, creating new records.

Fifth, the research and application of super-powerful computing has produced a major breakthrough.

The United States regained the world's first supercomputer with "Summit", and its performance exceeded the "Shenwei·Taihu Light" by about 60%. Countries began to actively develop "E-level super-calculation."

"Quantum switches" verify uncertain causal sequences that may be useful for processing quantum information.

Using three photons to create a new form of light matter, it is possible to apply to ultra-fast quantum computing. Google announced the world's first 72-bit quantum chip, and Intel introduced the 49-qubit superconducting test chip. Quantum computing may be entering the "ten-year competition" chasing "quantum hegemony."

Sixth, intelligent applications are driving the rapid development of next-generation information technology.

The integrated circuit process began to advance to 7nm, and "Beyond Moore" is also exploring. Google released the artificial intelligence chip TPU3.0, and NVIDIA released a new generation of GPU architecture.

At the beginning of 5G, the relevant standards were postponed, reflecting the complexity of the 5G standard dispute and the commercial road.

Applications such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, edge computing, and fog computing are expanding, and the speed and reliability of the cloud and the client are increasing. Confrontational neural networks are promoting artificial intelligence to be more independent, but may also become digital counterfeiting tools.

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For the first time, Microsoft's machine translation system reached the level of human professionalism in the Chinese-English translation of General News, achieving a milestone breakthrough.

Artificial intelligence is used to diagnose readings, cancer evolution, drug screening, and more.

There are more and more unmanned scenes in life, and logistics, services, and collaborative robots have all developed rapidly.

Boston Dynamics' humanoid robots can easily perform "three jumps." The cyber security situation is grim, with "zombie attacks," "data breaches," "data exposure," and "cloud leaks" all showing growth.